Couples announcements January 8, 2014




Kenneth and Wanda Culver were married at a Granger gas station 70 years ago today. It wasn’t the emergency situation that the couple led Clay Bell, the Granger businessman and justice of the peace who married them, to believe. According to their son and only child, Stephen Culver, Wanda was underage. “Grandma liked my dad and told them they could get married if they thought they could,” he said. “She probably didn’t expect them to make it happen quite like that.” The couple changed the date of Wanda’s birth and told Bell that Kenneth was leaving to be in the military the next day, even though he was rejected for military service. Bell married the couple for 35 cents on Jan. 8, 1944. “He told them if it didn’t work out they could get their 35 cents back,” said their son. “All the relatives get a kick out of the story.” The couple, who have three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, will be celebrating the milestone with a private family dinner. “It worked out for 70 years,” said Stephen Culver. “It was a good use of 35 cents.”