Tribe warns about buying salmon from unlicensed sellers

BRIDGEPORT — Colville Tribal Police are warning residents not to purchase salmon from unlicensed sellers.

The warning follows the theft of salmon from the new tribal hatchery near Chief Joseph Dam.

According to Cmdr. Tom Holsworth, the fish were treated with Formalin, a Formaldehyde-based substance.

The fish “are not fit for human consumption and can cause serious medical problems,” he said Tuesday morning. “Please be cautious of anyone selling salmon outside of a licensed and certified business. If you have purchased or eaten any salmon from a roadside-type vendor in the past few days you should seek medical treatment as a precaution.”

Holsworth said anyone with information on the theft should also contact the Colville Tribal Police Department at 800-551-5800.

The tribal Fish and Wildlife Department is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of anyone involved in the theft, Holsworth said.


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