Barrel racers take in doubleheader

Moses Lake to host NBHA finals

— The region’s barrel racers got a doubleheader Aug. 23 at Colbert Arena prior to competing in state finals later this month.

“It was a great night of racing with a number of riders working to get qualified” for National Barrel Horse Association state finals in Moses Lake on Sept. 20-22, spokeswoman Karen Zittel said.

“A fun part of the evening was when the arena lights were turned on and we got to run under the lights,” she said of the NBHA competition site off U.S. Highway 97. “There was a great turnout of racers and a number of spectators in the bleachers.”

Racers in Ferry and Okanogan counties are in district 2 with Rhonda Colbert as the district director.

“This year we will be having a large number of competitors from our district” at state, Colbert said.

“One of the things we love about our people is how they support each other during competitions,” she said. “We are just like a big family. We are all cheering each other on. It is a great atmosphere.”

The next NBHA barrel race will be Saturday, Sept. 7, during the rodeo at the Okanogan County Fair.

More details as they are learned will be posted at NBHA WA02 BARREL NEWS on Facebook.

Race 1 (division, rider, horse, time)

Open – 1D: 1, Jackie Widmer, Playject, 16.105. 2, Patty Peasley, Red, 16.276. 3, Trina Widmer, Poco Pony, 16.413. 2D: Kellie Burton, High CK Etta, 16.716. 2, Brooke Thomas, Kilo, 16.882. 3, Karen Zittel, Ace, 16.995. 4, Sandra Thomas, Howard, 17.075. 3D: 1-2, tie between Shannon Garoutte, Bobkens, and Billie Leith, Bobby, 17.272. 3, Sarah Knapton, Tim, 17.316. 4, Dusty Crenshaw, Flash, 17.363. 5, Renee Sweetman, Cashmeir, 17.647. 4D: 1, Anna Blakely, Maybee, 18.27. 2, Abril Avena, JD, 18.456. 3, Pet Brown, Mister, 19.0. 4, Sharon Knapton, Classy, 19.224. 5, Jackie Currier, Turbo, 20.213. 6, Wendy Wolfe, Puzzle Ann, 24.473. 7, Brooke Thomas, Diablo, 24.789.

Youth – 1D: 1, Jodi Nelson, Critter, 17.017. 2, Jentri Olson, Bo, 17.258. 2D: Jodi Nelson, Lexi, 17.817.

Peewee – 1, Kinley Crenshaw and Kady Burton.

Senior – 1D: 1, Patty Peasley, Red, 16.276. 2D: Sandra Thomas, Howard, 17.075. 3D: no placers. 4D: 1, Peg Brown, Mister, 19.00. 2, Nancy Spears, Belle, 19.444. 3, Wendy Wolfe, Puzzle Ann, 24.473.

Race 2

Open – 1D: 1, Sandra Thomas, Starz Six, 16.165. 2, Patty Peasley, Red, 16.358. 2D: 1, Dusty Crenshaw, Flash, 16.954. 2, Karen Zittel, Ace, 16.999. 3, Billie Leith, Bobby, 17.013. 4, Dusty Crenshaw, Freeway, 17.043. 5, Sarah Knapton, Tim, 17.06. 3D: 1, Bobby Lorz, CC, 17.74. 2, Abril Avena, JD, 18.066. 4D: 1, Shannon Garoutte, Bobkens, 18.209. 2, Renee Sweetman, Cashmeir, 18.33. 3, Anna Blakely, Maybee, 18.858. 4, Diane Lowell, Roxcy, 19.477. 5, Sharon Knapton, Classy, 19.557. 6, Brooke Thomas, Kilo, 24.476. 7, Wendy Wolfe, Puzzle Ann, 25.999.

Youth – 1D: 1, Jody Nelson, Critter, 17.255. 2, Jodi Nelson, Lexi, 17.643.

Senior – 1D: 1, Sandra Thomas, Star Six, 16.165. 4D: 1, Wendy Wolfe, Puzzle Ann, 25.999.


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