Omak plans city budget

Additional tax revenues will fund capital upgrades

— The city is expected to approve its 2014 budget at Monday’s City Council meeting, which will begin at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 2 N. Ash St.

Compared to last year’s contentious and challenging budget process, this year has been smooth sailing so far, City Administrator Ralph Malone said.

The city has hosted two workshops and a hearing for public comment, with almost nobody from the public in attendance.

The city’s budget outlook has improved from last year, when Omak had to eliminate two police positions.

Omak has received an increase in sales tax revenue of about $90,000, largely due to the sewer renovation project and construction projects, such as Family Health Center and Regency Omak.

That added revenue will help fund capital improvement projects, such as replacing the fire chief’s 13-year-old command vehicle and two police vehicles. The budget would also allow for another police vehicle to be repainted and several computers to be replaced.

The city has estimated revenue for the upcoming year to be about $3.44 million, while expenditures are estimated at about $3.78 million.

The city’s ending fund balance is projected to decrease from about $1.37 million to $1.03 million.

One omission from the budget is money allocated for mosquito abatement.

The city drew complaints in the summer about the fact that it didn’t spray for mosquitoes.

The current approach, Malone said, is toward the formation of a mosquito control district, which would include Omak.


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