Hams talk up Grand Coulee

— Ham radio operations from Okanogan County spent two days on the air celebrating the 78th anniversary of the first concrete pour at Grand Coulee Dam.

Okanogan Amateur Radio Club members spent 48 hours last Friday through Sunday celebrating the anniversary of the Dec. 6, 1935, first ceremonial pour of concrete. It was the first of a total of 12 million yards of concrete poured at the dam – enough to pour a sidewalk around the world at the equator, club President Mike Mauk said.

Club members used their home radio stations, known as “ham shacks,” to give people around the world facts about the dam and answer questions.

“There were quite a few that did not realize the Grand Coulee Dam was larger than Hoover Dam; some folks did not have any idea where it was and quite a few had been to the dam or had relatives that worked on the dam,” Mauk said.

“Some who had been there raved about how it should be one of the Wonders of the World that everyone should go see,” he said. “Every club operator had tales to tell about some of the questions and comments they heard throughout the event.”

The club suggested people check its website and submit contact information so a commemorative e-certificate could be sent.

The operators made contact with about 1,300 amateurs around the world on six continents, in 15 countries, all 50 states and 468 counties in U.S.


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