Tigers claw out victory

Less than 3 points from first to third

— Tonasket narrowly captured the team title at the Okanogan Wrestling Tournament on Saturday.

The Tigers finished with 153 points.

Right behind were Okanogan at 151.5 and Brewster at 150.5.

“That makes it fun,” Okanogan coach Andy Knutson said of the close finish atop the 10-team tournament. “One match going any other way could make a difference. Every match is a big match. It all adds up.

“We know Liberty Bell and Tonasket could have placed higher,” Knutson said, noting the teams had many tough wrestlers at the Tri-State tournament Dec. 20-21 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The tournament went fast and smooth due to an added third mat this year.

Several years of fundraising plus donations by the school’s booster club and Associated Student Body made the mat possible, Knutson said.

The cost, with tax and shipping, was about $12,000, the coach said.

The new mat will go into the wrestling room while an old mat will be used for kid wrestling.

Every wrestler got to compete in at least two bouts.

Oroville’s Taylor Robinson, at 182, remains undefeated this season after taking the title with three pins.

Teammate Diego Santana, at 132, got his first win of the season, which was by pin.

Team scoring: 1, Tonasket 153. 2, Okanogan 151.5. 3, Brewster 150.5. 4, Wilbur-Creston/Keller 102. 5, Pateros 99. 6, Oroville 87.5. 7, Ephrata 84. 8, Republic 76.5. 9, Liberty Bell 63. 10, Almira/Coulee-Hartline 22.

106: 1, Anthony Payton, Okan. 2, Jovani Barrios, Brew. 3, Cade Cox, Eph.

113: 1, Julio Espino, Pat. 2, Rade Pilkinton, Ton. 3, Elvis Montiel, Brew. 4, Danny Rodriguez, L.B.

120: 1, Joe Petersen, WCK. 2, Devin Walton, Ton. 3, Jordan Smith, Oro. 4, Jaime Mendez, Pat.

126: 1, Tony Klepec, Okan. 2, Danny Humiston, L.B. 3, Jesus Menchaca, Okan. 4, Riley Prescott, Okan.

132: 1, Jalen Moses, Okan. 2, Zion Butler, Ton. 3, Steven Chicklinsky, WCK. 4, Eric Heredia, Eph.

138: 1, Omar Castro, Brew. 2, Austin Rimestad, Ton. 3, Randy Hamilton, Okan. 4, Billy Medel, Pat.

145: 1, Raf Varelas, Brew. 2, Walker Baumbach, Rep. 3, Luis Gutierrez, Pat. 4, Zach Lofthus, Ton.

152: 1, Oscar Roa, Brew. 2, Johan Hernandez, Pat. 3, Ivan Johnson, L.B. 4, Caleb Lofthus, Ton.

160: 1, Corbin Ranck, Okan. 2, Dallas Tyus, Ton. 3, Ramon Angel, Pat. 4, Chance Wheaton, Rep.

170: 1, R.C. Carstensen, ACH. 2, Blake Phillips, Rep. 3, Nick Anderson, WCK. 4, Eddie Ocampo, Oro.

182: 1, Taylor Robinson, Oro. 2, Chris Varelas, Brew. 3, Jacob Whitney, L.B. 4, Zach Hill, WCK.

195: 1, Frank Holfelz, Ton. 2, Joe Mintzer, Oka. 3, Lukas Mieirs, Oro. 4, Rolo Reyes, Eph.

220: 1, Adrian Urias, Brew. 2, Herberto Pacheco, Eph. 3, Devin Randel, WCK.

285: 1, Mathew Derting, Eph. 2, Dreton Acord, Okan. 3, Kolten Fanning, Rep. 4, Randolph Bohnet, WCK.


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