Incumbents lead early poll results

General election will be June 15

NESPELEM – If poll vote results hold through the ballot-counting process, all six Colville Business Council members seeking re-election will advance to the June 15 general election.

Voters went to the polls May 4. Poll vote results were released May 6.

Absentee ballots will be counted May 9 and added to the poll votes.

Six of the seven positions up for election drew three or more candidates and were on the primary election ballot. The Inchelium District No. 2 position drew two candidates and had no primary.

The top two vote-getters for each position will move on to the June 15 general election. Poll votes will be certified June 17 and absentee votes will be certified and added to the poll votes June 20.

Newly elected council members will be sworn in July 11 during the council’s annual reorganization meeting.

Poll vote results:

Inchelium Position No. 1 – David T. Madera 63, Doug Seymour 54, Stevey Seymour 62.

Keller Position No. 1 – Darlene Zacherle (incumbent) 23, Jack W. Ferguson 34, Leroy Jerred 0, Sylvia Tatshama Peasley 2, John F. Stensgar 23.

Nespelem Position No. 1 – Brian J. Nissen (incumbent) 70, Ricky Gabriel 53, Randy Laramie 21, Deb Louie 77, Joaquin Marchand 43, Tum-chis-Li-wit Mylan Williams Sr. 6.

Nespelem Position No. 2 – Andrew C. Joseph Jr. (incumbent) 107, Charlene BearCub 39, Jonnie L. Bray 33, John St. Pierre 39, Enid T. Wippel 54.

Omak Position No. 1 – Ernest “Sneena” Brooks (incumbent) 118, Shirley K. Charley 69, Karen Condon 33, Stuart Sellars 36, Ricard Tupling 69.

Omak Position No. 2 – Benny Marchand Jr. (incumbent) 145, Anne “Muffin” Marchand 33, Michael E. Marchand 117, Luana L. Squetimkin 31.


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