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May 15, 2013 - Letters to the Editor

Many support the dog park in Omak

I am responding to concerns about the dog park in Omak.

Now let’s look at the positive side. The dog park was put into the Omak Comprehensive Park plans, open for public review and comment before approved by the City Council. No city funds or taxes will be used to build and maintain the dog park. The only funds being used will be donated funds and materials from those who support the dog park.

We are planning a dog club that will plan events like obedience classes or clinics at the dog park in the future. We are planning a swim for dogs at the Omak Pool after it closes for the year.

The dog park is being built for one major reason. To offer an off-leash area for dog owners to unleash their dogs legally for a run, to socialize, service to our family of canines to learn, enjoy at no cost to anyone who does not want to donate or be involved. Rules will be posted, including no children under 16 in the dog park without an adult. This dog park is supported by a majority of the population.

The dog park committee, which I chair, is made up of good, responsible people, making sure we do this right and safe — though we have always invited anyone who would like to learn more of our plans, or to make suggestions to come join us. We usually meet at City Hall on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

I have only heard from a handful that have no interest and one person against it, but hundreds in support of the small dog park. Any dog can be trained. They are part of our families and we do not discriminate against breed and breeding. Join us or not, it’s your choice. But the voice of many that live in Omak say, “It makes great sense.”

Lew Goebel



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