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Gunners inaugurate improved rifle range

Better elevation raises top scores

— The Okanogan Wildlife Council christened its new firing line with a highpower rifle match May 19 at the lower range off of B & O Road next to the county landfill.

“The improvements consisted of building a raised firing line to improve visibility and increase safety in the area,” spokesman Ralph Malone said.

“The improvements paid off with seven of 12 participants firing personal best scores from the improved firing line,” he said.

Those who achieved a personal best included Mylan Andrews, Spencer Cleveland, Mason Duke, Tom Gschiel, Mac McLean, Scott Miller and Cameron Nelson.

The next match on the new range will be June 22.

Results: 1, Mac McLean 746. 2, Ralph Malone (720). 3, Scott Miller 697. 4, Spencer Cleveland 679. 5, Tom Gschiel 674. 6, Brian Carlton 657. 7, Chad Cleveland 651. 8, Robert Allgood 649. 9, Mylan Andrews 495. 10, Mason Duke 479. 11, Cameron Nelson 448. 12, John Caldwell 387.

Second shoot: 1, Chad Cleveland 381. 2, Spencer Cleveland 379. 3, Hayden Chilmonik 379. 4, Hunter Chilmonik 361. 5, Ed Chilmonik 343. 6, Mylan Andrews 320. 7, Mac McLean 296.


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