Leg bone found near river

— A leg bone that caused a social media commotion when it was discovered Tuesday, May 14, turned out to be the partial remains of a canine.

“The good news is that (the bones) turned out not to be human,” Colville Tribal Police Chief Cory Orr said.

“It’s an animal. There’s no question about it.”

The partial skeleton was discovered near the Columbia River, about a half-mile south of Inchelium on Schaffer Road.

It was of a leg from the foot up to the pelvic socket.

Orr said police officers on scene also discovered a canine skull just a short distance from the leg.

It was determined to be most likely from the same animal.

Orr said it was hard to say what kind of a canine the bones were from, but guessed it would have been a larger dog or a coyote.

Responding officers initially could not be certain the bones were not human, so the scene was secured overnight.

Tribal Police Commander Tom Holsworth and members of the Colville Tribal History and Archeology Department arrived at the scene at approximately 9 a.m., May 15 and were able to verify that the leg bone in question was definitely not of human origin and most likely that of a canine.

Orr said the call about the bones came in from an anonymous source, believing the leg was human at about 9 p.m., May 14.

The skeleton did not appear to be from a recent death.

“It had been there a while,” Orr said. “It was pretty well stripped. There was not much left to it.”


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