Winthrop mayor sits out next election

— As filing week wrapped up for Okanogan County elections on Friday, several incumbents’ names were missing from the list of candidates.

Among those is Winthrop Mayor Dave Acheson, who said he is not going to seek re-election.

In office since January 2006, his second term ends in December.

“It is time for a break and a little more free time,” he said. “Mayor in a small town like ours is a part-time position, so I have a regular full-time day job as well.

“Although it has been challenging at times, it has been enjoyable and rewarding being mayor, but it does tend to consume as much time as you’re willing to put toward it. There is always more to do.”

Sue Langdalen, who serves on the town council, is the sole candidate for mayor as of the end of the filing period on May 17.

Nobody has filed for her council seat, position No. 4.

Winthrop Town Council member Tiffany Langdalen has also chosen not to file for re-election.

Michael Strulic has filed for her seat, position No. 2.

Another leaving is Dan Webster, chairman of the Three Rivers Hospital board of commissioners in Brewster.

It is time for a break and a little more free time.

— Winthrop Mayor Dave Acheson

He holds position No. 4 on the board.

Cherryl Thomas of Winthrop is vying for the six-year term.

“I’m looking at next year on focusing our hospital foundation forward, and time-wise it would be a little bit of a better fit for me,” Webster said.

“I’m definitely going to stay involved with the hospital; I really know our hospital needs to grow and move in the right direction.”

The non-profit foundation has been in place since 1988 to accept funds from pledges or those who bequeathed money in their wills, but “it’s never been very active,” he said.

The foundation will ramp up its fundraising efforts for things such as equipment purchases and matching funds for grants.

Other incumbents not seeking re-election are:

• Okanogan Mayor Michael Blake. Jon K. Culp has filed for the four-year position.

• Omak School District board member Wendell George, position No. 1.

Four have stepped forward in George’s stead: Dennis D. Carlton, Megan Azzano, Eric Hein and Ken Crofoot.

• Riverside Town Council members Dana Armstrong and Billy Armstrong, positions No. 2 and 3, respectively.

While there are no candidates for Dana Armstrong’s seat, Joshua Crofoot has filed for position 3.

• Okanogan County Hospital District No. 3 commissioner Anne Schneider, position No. 2. No candidates filed.

• Elmer City Council member Larry Holford, position No. 5. Jesse Tillman has filed for that seat.

• Omak City Council member John Sackman, position No. 2. Michelle Gaines will run.

• Tonasket City Council member Vernon Lee Hale, position No. 5. Claire Jeffko is seeking that position.

The primary election is Aug. 6.


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