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Many graves are for children

OMAK — Many of those buried in the Riverview Cemetery died young.

People buried in the cemetery, according to the Okanogan County Genealogical Society’s listing, curator Shauna Beeman’s research and Leda Harlan, are:

• Franklin Neal DeVos, died Nov. 19, 1918

• Lawrence Austin Fry, born April 9, 1924, died September 1925

• Twin 1 Fry, died 1927, son of Chester and Alice Fry

• Twin 2 Fry, died 1927, son of Chester and Alice Fry

• Bernard Grave, no dates

• Terrance Grave, no dates

• Theodore Gibson Lamoreaux, born June 27, 1920, died July 1920

• Lucretia Ellen Morley, died 1917 at age 73

• Hedvig V.M. Nilson, born 1899, died 1923

• Peterson, no dates, daughter of John Peterson; believed to be Martha

• Harold Plumb, died Jan. 11, 1912, son of C.R. Plumb

• James Aliason Stoddard, born July 6, 1840, died April 8, 1920; husband of Anna J. Chamberlain; member of Company B 8th Wisconsin Infantry, Civil War (Anna J. Chamberlain Stoddard buried near Duck Lake)

• J.A. Walker, born Feb. 10, 1844, died Sept. 29, 1916

• Richard Dalton Wilson, died March 1915, son of Norris E. and Stella Wilson

• Baby Simpson, no dates, daughter of Henry Simpson (younger sister Leda Harlan reports name as Dorthey and death in 1916)

• Stanley Simpson, no dates, son of Henry Simpson (younger sister Leda Harlan reports birth and death in 1914)

• Richard Billingsley, died Nov. 10, 1911 at age 11 months

Headstones found, but remains moved to Omak Memorial Cemetery:

• Florence Munshaw, born Aug. 24, 1904, died October 1918

• Laura Wise, born May 18, 1901, died 1919

• John William Wise Jr., born April 23, 1918, died 1924

• John William Wise Sr., born March 1871, died Aug. 26, 1919

No stone found, though reportedly buried there:

• Bertha Gall, died around 1920-25


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