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It seems like these days fewer and fewer politicians are asking their constituents’ opinions and seeking direction on laws and taxes.

Rep. Shelly Short is bucking that trend and is asking constituents to take a quick survey on Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposal to raise fuel taxes at the pump.

The survey also asks constituents to weigh in on transportation-related issues as well as whether the Legislature should be called into special session before the end of the year.

We commend her efforts to get North-Central Washington residents to speak out about transportation spending.

You might think Short, being a Republican from Addy, would craft her survey questions with barbs designed to wound Democrat Inslee’s position. But in looking at the questions, we believe they open the door for a candid discussion on transportation measures, a potential fuel tax increase and the need for a special session. That said, Short does take a quick shot at the governor in her introduction.

She closes her introduction with thanks for “involved and informed” residents taking time to voice their opinions on the issues. We think that’s apropos given Tuesday was the last day to cast a vote in the general election.

While a fuel tax wasn’t on the ballot, Short’s survey gives North-Central and all Washington state residents an opportunity to be heard. The survey includes questions on support for increasing the tax, opportunities to explain your support or opposition, and an opportunity to offer input into state transportation spending.

Think the state Department of Transportation is wasting taxpayer dollars?

The survey has an area to tell Short that.

Likewise, if you think officials are doing a good job regarding ferries, road and bridge repairs, and related topics, you can tell her that too.

Without going into further detail, we suggest you take the survey online at

This is your opportunity to direct a state lawmaker on an issue that in rural Eastern Washington has broad implications for quality of life. This is a opportunity to have your voice heard in Olympia.


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