Mayoral races remain too close to call

PATEROS – Three mayoral races in Okanogan County are still too close to call with about 300 votes left to count.

In Pateros, write-in candidate Libby Harrison has garnered enough support to tie incumbent Gail Howe. They have each received 71 votes as of the latest count Nov. 8.

“I was surprised, but I’m waiting to see what the ballots will say on Thursday when they are supposed to finish up the last 300,” Howe said.

She said she hopes to continue serving in the city’s government, where she began nearly 15 years ago as a council member.

Harrison also said she was surprised to see the vote was split.

“I was up in the air about if I could actually win or not but now I feel confident that it’s a possibility,” she said.

If elected, Harrison said she wants to speak with residents about what they want to see in the future for community events, business, recreation and more.

Meanwhile, the Elmer City and Brewster races also remain close. Challenger Gail Morin leads Elmer City Mayor Mary Jo Carey by one vote, 43-42.

Carey conceded the race and wished Morin the best of luck.

“I didn’t go out and campaign, and she did, and she deserves it,” Carey said. “It’s a tough job. I’ll miss it, because it’s been my life for 10 years. But it’s time to do something different, do something fun.”

“Anytime you run against an incumbent it’s an uphill battle, and I’m very gratified for all the people who voted,” Morin said. “I guess we’ll know sort of for sure Thursday.”

In Brewster, Mayor Lee Webster is now 11 votes ahead of challenger David Smith Jr.

“I’ve got a lot of happy employees and a lot of positive comments,” Webster said. “I was surprised at the number of the people who came up and said, ‘Holy cow, I’m surprised that it was that close. I didn’t even bother to vote.’”

Webster said he wants to see the city through a number of projects coming up in 2014.

“It’s right around $10 million worth of work” for streets and the sewer, he said.

“This whole thing is kind of a testament to the staff and the current city council,” he said. “They’ve been doing a great job and allowing us to have a little bit of money to spend, and you get to multiply it when you go out for these grants.”

Webster said his biggest source of pride is the city’s employees.

“If you get good people, everything else just seems to fall into place,” he said. “They’re just good people, period.”

Smith said he’s still waiting to see what happens, since election results won’t be certified until Nov. 26.

“It was on the minds of citizens to try to make a change and do something positive,” he said of the support he received. “Public service isn’t easy, but if you’re not willing to take the chance to make things better, you don’t have much of a right to complain about what happens.

“I was really hoping to bring the community together and drive it in the right direction.”

He said he was disappointed to see that more people didn’t turn out for the City Council positions.

Art Smyth was re-elected without a challenger. Ramiro Villagrana, Jan May and Timothy Rieb, all appointed to the council last year, were uncontested in their bids for election. John Housden will be the only new council member in January, taking the place of Dan Smith, who chose not to run for re-election.

Two other mayoral positions were contested in Okanogan County.

In Oroville, Mayor C.F. (Chuck) Spieth leads Chris Allen, 245-121.

In Coulee Dam, challenger F. Gregory (Greg) Wilder leads Mayor Gayland (Quincy) Snow, 231-107.

Full results for Okanogan and Ferry counties, as well as Bridgeport and Mansfield, are listed below:

Legislative District 7

State senator: Brian Dansel 16,798; John Smith 14,600

Okanogan County

City of Brewster

Mayor: Lee Webster 104; David Smith Jr. 93

Council Position 1: Art Smyth 139

Council Position. 2: Ramiro Villagrana 135

Council Position 3: John Marcus Housden 147

Council Position 4: Jan May 149

Council Position 5: Timothy Rieb 131

Proposition No. 1 Sales and Use Tax Levy: No 122; Yes 73

Town of Conconully

Mayor: Sam Martin 42

Council Position 1: Donald G. Smith 48

Council Position 2: Cheryl A. Russell 50

Council Position 3: Margaret (Maggie) Kubo 51

Town of Coulee Dam

Mayor: F. Gregory (Greg) Wilder 231; Gayland (Quincy) Snow 107

Council Position 1: Robert (Bob) Poch 278

Council Position 2: Gayle Swagerty 206; Karl Hjorten 104

Council Position 3: Duane Johnson 226; Andrew Trader 83

Town of Elmer City

Mayor: Gail Morin 43; Mary Jo Carey 42

Council Position 1: Jeff DeWinkler 71

Council Position 2: Larry Holford 53; Joaquin Marchand 27

Council Position 3: Donna DeWinkler 66

Council Position 5: Jesse O. Tillman 71

Town of Nespelem

Mayor: Brian S. Nanamkin 23

Council Position 1: Darcy A. Epperson 24

Council Position 2: Dennis Montes 23

Council Position 4: Kathy M. Womer 25

City of Okanogan

Mayor: Jon K. Culp 355

Council Position 1: Lisa J. Bauer 334

Council Position 2: Denise Varner 354

Council Position 3: Jerry W. Paul 346

Council Position 5: Janet Wilson 346

City of Omak

Mayor: Cindy Gagne 605

Council Position 1: Michael Foth 567

Council Position 2: Michelle Gaines 557

Council Position 3: Nattalie Cariker 569

Proposition No. 1 Sales and Use Tax Levy: No 416; Yes 400

City of Oroville

Mayor: C.F. (Chuck) Spieth 245; Chris Allen 121

Council Position 1: Jon R. Neal 267; Russell W. Rounds 101

Council Position 2: Anthony (Tony) Koepke 217; Paul E. Bouchard 139

City of Pateros

Mayor: Gail A. Howe 71; Liberty Harrison 71

Council Position 1: Christine Perry 81

Council Position 2: Adam Fritz 71

Council Position 4: Ryan W. Greene 105

Council Position 5: Alex Hymer 91; Ann Davidson 42

Town of Riverside

Council Position 1: Catrina Castro 39

Council Position 2: Dana Armstrong 33; Bill Bond 16; Julie Ann 10

Council Position 3: Joshua Crofoot 47

City of Tonasket

Mayor: Patrick D. Plumb 140

Council Position 1: Dennis G. Brown 146

Council Position 3: Jill Vugteveen 159

Council Position 4: Jean E. Ramsey 156

Council Position 5: Claire Jeffko 147

Proposition No. 1 Sales and Use Tax Levy: No 119; Yes 95

Town of Twisp

Council Position 1: Bob Lloyd 213

Council Position 2: Clint Estes 217

Council Position 5: Dwight Filer 225; Clay Hill 42; Vern Nations 12

Town of Winthrop

Mayor: Sue Langdalen 129

Council Position 1: Rick Northcott 124; Vern Herrst 33

Council Position 2: Michael Strulic 123

Hospital District 1

Commissioner Position 2: Jerry R. Tretwold 2,335

Commissioner Position 3: Mike Pruett 2,399

Commissioner Position 4: Cherryl Thomas 2,272

Hospital District 3

Commissioner Position 5: Jerry Bowes 2,271

Hospital District 4

Commissioner Position 1: Dick Larson 1,289; Rosa Snider 1,084

Commissioner Position 5: Teresa Hughes 1,643; Lael Duncan 695

Hospital District 6

Commissioner Position 1: Steven (Ray) Clover 432; Kristan Hare 767

Commissioner Position 3: Jerry L. Kennedy 948, Gerry L. Salstrom 361

Commissioner Position 5: Betty Brueske 712; Diane Larson 514

Brewster School District

Director Position 2: Hector D. Aparicio 381

Director Position 3: Dana Divis 418

Director Position 5: Mario Camacho 382

Grand Coulee Dam School District

Director Position 1: Carla Bierle Marconi 850

Director Position 2: Kenneth Butch Stanger 912

Methow Valley School District

Director Position 2: Dana Stromberger 1,591

Director Position 4: Gary L. Marchbank 1,574

Nespelem School District

Director Position 3: P. Jolene Marchand 71; Dorothy Palmer 64

Director Position 4: Mitzi L. Adolph 86; Jeannie R. Moon 24

Director Position 5: Nancy J. Armstrong-Montes 113 ; Andrew C. Joseph Jr. 24

Omak School District

Director Position 1: Dennis D. Carlton 1,227; Megan Azzano 791

Director Position 4: Yvette Hill 1,445

Okanogan School District

Director Position 2: Jane A. Cline 792

Director Position 3: Monte L. Andrews 818

Oroville School District

Director Position 1: Todd Hill 781

Director Position 4: Travis Loudon 822

Pateros School District

Director Position 3: LaDonna Mattson 313

Director Position 4: Grace Larsen 340

Proposition No. 1, Bond for health, safety, educational and infrastructure improvements: Approved 238; Rejected 227

Tonasket School District

Director Position 1: Lloyd E. Caton Jr. 1,163

Director Position 4: Ernesto Cerrillo 1,129

Coulee Area Parks

and Recreation District

Commissioner Position 5: Michael Bjorklund 1,069; Bob Valen 25

Cemetery District 1

Commissioner Position 2: Don Waller 627

Cemetery District 2

Commissioner Position 1: Carol J. Gaston 727

Commissioner Position 3: Dick Webb 732

Cemetery District 3

Commissioner Position 2: Toni Roberson 233

Cemetery District 4

Commissioner Position 3: Ted Christensen 743

Fire District 1

Commissioner Position 2: Bob Hilderbrand 375

Fire District 2

Commissioner Position 3: Raymond R. Green 72

Fire District 3

Commissioner Position 3: Mike Cusick 955

Fire District 4

Commissioner Position 1: Dan McCarthy 443

Fire District 6

Commissioner Position 2: Darold Brandenburg 1,169

Fire District 8

Commissioner Position 2: Kirk Kramer 59

Fire District 11

Commissioner Position 3: Glenn E. Richardson 100

Fire District 12

Commissioner Position 2: Jenny Holst 49

Ferry-Okanogan Fire District 13

Commissioner Position 3: Robert G. Fields 628

Ferry-Okanogan Fire District

Commissioner Position 2: Chris Kroupa 261

Douglas-Okanogan Fire District 15

Commissioner Position 3: Lonnie W. Fenton 519

Fire District 16

Commissioner Position 1: Rick Baker 134

Transportation District

Proposition No. 1: Approved 5,134; Rejected 4,002

Ferry County

Town of Republic

Council Position 3: Dave J. Michel 206

Council Position 4: Leo Jenkins 178; Talon Venturo 58

Council Position 5: Larry D. Heming 200

Ferry County Hospital District

Commissioner Position 1: Kyle Rydell 1,095

Curlew School District

Director Position 1: Charlene West 225

Director 3: Brad Miller 231

Keller School District

Director Position 3: Storey Jackson 53; Patrick Hayes 19

Orient School District

Director Position 1: Gabe Kerr 79

Director Position 4: Brad Armstrong 88

Inchelium School District

Director Position 1: Karen Hoffman 128

Director Position 5: Richard Whitney 132

Republic School District

Director Position 1: Ralph C. Ellingson 849

Director Position 5: Travis Fletcher 813

Curlew Water-Sewer District

Commissioner Position 1: Troy Reynolds 11

Commissioner Position 3: Mike Stanton 13

Inchelium Water District 1

Commissioner Position 1: Juanita Warren 37

Commissioner Position 3: Nancy Michel 36

Douglas County

City of Bridgeport

Council Position 1: Matthew Shuh 113; Michael Knox 65

Town of Mansfield

Council Position 2: Adam Foged 82; Jason Moore 23

Council Position 4: Ken Peters 96

Bridgeport School District

Director Position 2: Richard Halterman 239

Director Position 5: Tracy Zahn 249

Mansfield School District

Director Position 1: Tara Tupling 165

Director Position 2: Cory Moore 167

Director Position 3: Jesse Shafer 149

Director Position 5: Brad A. Murison 175


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