Grid stars earn MVPs

Bridgeport receives sportsmanship title

— Luke Kindred of Oroville was named Most Valuable Player on offense and Cesar Dominguez of Liberty Bell the MVP on defense in the Central Washington 2B League.

Andy Bush of White Swan was named Coach of the Year.

Bridgeport received the sportsmanship award.

Kindred helped lead the Hornets to the state playoffs for the second year in a row, scoring a pair of touchdowns in Oroville’s 41-20 loss to Reardan in the postseason opener Nov. 16.

Oroville finished the year with an overall record of 7-3.

Kindred is one of eight seniors the Hornets will look to replacenext season.


First team

Linemen: Victor Andy and Brennan Watson, W.S.; J.J. Naphi, Kittitas; Cesar Dominguez, L.B.; Jake Scott, Oroville.

Quarterbacks: Chip Jones, L.B.; Joseph Kusik, W.S.; Luke Kindred, Oroville.

Kicker: Dustin Nigg, Oroville.

Running backs: Hector Garcia, Bridgeport; Andre Hannah, Manson; Austin Watson, L.B.; Brian Walker, W.S.; Tanner Smith, Oroville.

Wide receivers: Kobie Lewis, W.S.; Milo Holston, L.B.; Eli Iler, Kittitas.

Honorable mention first team: Kel Jenson, L.B.; Hunter Wallace and Austin Oursland, Kittitas; Octavio Alejandra, Trey Nicholson and Austin Rosenbaum, L.R.; Joe Toolson, Manson; Geo Rojas and Cody Oliva, W.S.; Ivan Sanchez, Bridgeport.

Second team

Linemen: Boone McKinney, Mick Fulmer and Lane Tietje, Oroville; Nain Sanchez, Bridgeport; Colby Smith, L.B.; Michael Sanchez, Manson.

Kicker: Jorge Lara, L.B.

Running backs: Colton Forman, Kittitas; Sean DeWitte, Oroville; Jonathan Oregon, Bridgeport; Emmett Fink, L.B.; Tony Picard, W.S.

Wide receivers: Tristian Spencer, W.S.; Chase Kurtz, L.B.; Bridger Machus, Manson.

Honorable mention second team

Running backs: Josiah Desautel, L.R.; Jacob McMillan, L.B.; Mike Pittman, Manson; Dustin Nigg and Connelly Quick, Oroville; Dylan Rivera and J.J. Nanez, W.S.

Wide receivers: Brice Helgelson and Brennan Radich, Kittitas; Christian Lopez, Bridgeport; Jorge Juarez, Manson.

Kicker: Uriel Medel, Bridgeport.


First team

Linemen: Tony Picard, W.S.; Jonathan Oregon, Bridgeport; J.J. Naphi, Kittitas; Emmett Fink, L.B.; Jake Scott, Oroville.

Linebackers: Cesar Dominguez, L.B.; Jonathan Shields, W.S.; Austin Oursland, Kittitas; Tanner Smith, Oroville.

Punter: Jorge Lara, L.B.

Backs: Tristian Spencer, W.S.; Colton Forman, Kittitas; Luke Kindred, Oroville; Dave Aleck, W.S.

Second team

Linemen: Logan Mills and Dean DeWitte, Oroville; Chase Marceau and Robert Garza, W.S.; Andre Hannah, Manson.

Punter: Jonathan Oregon, Bridgeport.

Backs: Christian Lopez, Bridgeport; Chance Garvin and Chip Jones, L.B.; Joe Sarmiento, Oroville.

Linebackers: Milo Holston, L.B.; Hector Garcia, Bridgeport; Geo Rojas, W.S.; Mike Pittman, Manson.

Honorable mention second team:

Punter: Alex Espinoza, Manson.

Defensive backs: Desmond House and Josh Harris, L.R.; Dustin Nigg, Oroville; Jaymis Handon and Chase Kurtz, L.B.; Jorge Juarez, Manson; Brennan Radick, Kittitas.

Linemen: Colby Smith and Garrett Jensen, L.B.; Mick Fulmer, Oroville; Nain Sanchez, Bridgeport; Jake Palmer, L.R.

Linebackers: Jack McMillan, L.B.; Victor Macedo, Bridgeport; Cody Oliva and Manuel Viveros, W.S.; Wesley Gibb, Kittitas; Connelly Quick, Oroville.


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