It’s more than just shopping

Remember to give thanks, lend support this Thanksgiving

Pass the turkey and gravy. And while you’re at it, how about that Black Friday advertisement?

This year, Black Friday deals have crept not only into our Thanksgiving football, but also our breakfast and dinners. That’s right ... what was once considered sacred family time has given way to commercialism.

Kmart was the first to announce large merchandise sales beginning Thanksgiving morning.

Locally, some retailers have added sales starting just after we begin digesting our turkey. While walking up and down the aisles may help shave off the added calories of your Thanksgiving feast, it comes at the expense of your family.

We’re not going to suggest that you stay home while your family, friends and neighbors are scavenging the electronics aisles. That’s not realistic. But with the freedom to shop on the holiday comes with the responsibility of knowing why you have that ability.

In many places around the world, the way you’re allowed to celebrate a holiday is dictated by religion or government, or both. Here in the U.S., our Thanksgiving has its roots in freedom, and being able to choose.

Freedom from tyranny. Freedom of religion. Freedom of living the lives we choose.

Those are some of the basic tenets of Thanksgiving.

We hope you’ll remember that as you dash down the aisle with a shopping cart looking for a special gift for a loved one. We also hope you’ll remember that not everyone can afford to be shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the store.

Many here in North-Central Washington are struggling financially, emotionally and physically. Keep them in your thoughts as you give thanks this holiday.

We hope that if you’re affluent enough to buy big-ticket items this coming weekend that you are also generous enough to help your struggling friends, family members and neighbors get through what can be a difficult time of year. Share your time, your companionship or maybe a meal with them.

And this holiday, don’t forget to take time to remember to be thankful for your health, family, freedom and friendships long before you race for a shopping cart.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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