Oct. 9, 2013, Letters to the Editor

I-522 would hamper growers

The Chronicle is on the wrong side of I-522. I don't think you would like to even certify that your newspaper is produced without GMOs. I-522 is a full-employment guarantee for lawyers.

I invite you to come see some of what fruit growers are already faced with in the name of food safety. This would be one more brick on our backs. In this case we are talking about something that the scientists are in agreement is a non-issue. Why add to our burden and the consumers’ costs over this?

Brian Thompson


Smith fought for more school money

Many of Sen. John Smith’s detractors continue to spread hay and select grains that have been processed through the bull.

One ridiculous claim states that John Smith “would like to get rid of all public schools and have everyone provide home schooling.” The truth is that John Smith fought for and won an increase of $1.6 billion in the Washington school district budget and did so without meeting the WEA’s ongoing request for more taxes. In addition, while John’s opponent was securing his $900 PAC donation from the WEA, John was out visiting with representatives from 28 school districts to determine their future needs and priorities.

Another comment states that 63 percent of John Smith’s neighbors voted against him and that only 41 percent of Colville voted for him. The facts are that John Smith lives in Columbia Precinct, where he received 20 percent more votes than his opponent.

Colville has seven precincts where he averaged 11 percent more votes, 23 percent more votes in Kettle Falls, 42 percent more in Chewelah and 38 percent more Stevens County votes than his closest opponent.

I have known John Smith and his family for seven years. He is a devoted husband, a dedicated father and a Christian man who has attended a local Colville church for many years. He is knowledgeable, capable and has a proven voting record that supports the values of the 7th Legislative District.

Grant Peterson


Vote no on Initiative 522

Boo for the Chronicle’s support of I-522, better described as the Great Monsanto Boogeyman Voo-Doo bill.

The American Medical Association, the Center for Disease Control, the major Ag paper Capital Press, the British Royal Society and many other credentialed, unbiased folks in the know have published that absolutely no objective, peer reviewed evidence whatsoever exists to link GMOs with any negative health effects. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Ignorant, voo-doo based, anti-corporate cultism is a poor basis upon which to found law. Worse, as the famed “Silent Spring” fiasco proved, such hysteria driven, torch-and-pitchfork boogeymanism does deadly harm. The emblematic hysterical ban of DDT (as opposed to simple better regulated use thereof), for instance, is now thought to have cost the lives of over a million third-worlders due to unnecessary, preventable malaria. Ignorance kills.

In this world of rising population and diminishing crop land, advances in food science may become all that sustain us.

Organic foods are generally safe to eat also, but only when organic growers are required to label their products with every chemical they treat same with (and routinely they are many as any farmer knows) will I-522 be equitable, let alone intelligent.

Vote no on I-522.

William Slusher


Obama justified in standing ground

Shortly after I arrived in the U.S. in 1962 the nation faced the most dangerous moment of the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis. The stakes were frighteningly high: The very future of all mankind hung in the balance as Soviet vessels steamed toward our Navy.

At the last moment, Khrushchev blinked and the world stepped back from the nuclear abyss. Today we face another crisis of comparable magnitude, but this time it is not externally driven; it comes from within. A minority of the House Republican Party is threatening the very underpinnings of our republic and the House leadership has acquiesced to their unconscionable demands.

We are a nation of laws that arise from a deliberative legislative process, give and take in debate, and resolution through a vote in each House of Congress followed by the president’s signature or veto and reconsideration. A vocal minority in one chamber of Congress doesn’t get to pick and choose which laws shall be implemented or not, or even how. Forty-one votes by the House to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed to gain traction in the Senate.

They lost. Each time.

In a representative democracy that’s how it works.

If you don’t have the votes you don’t get your bill passed; majority rule prevails. President Obama, like President Kennedy facing his crisis, is rightly refusing to negotiate with the House Republicans over their attempt to extort and blackmail their way to achieving what they failed to accomplish through the legislative process laid out in our Constitution. To do otherwise would abet the overthrow of our constitutionally determined way of governing ourselves. He will prevail because he’s right and most Americans support his firm position. Khruschev backed down in 1962; let’s hope the House blinks too.

Robert Goodwin


Area supports its neighbors

What a special area we live in. My friends and concerned citizens in the Tonasket, Wauconda and Aeneas Valley areas have stood beside me and supported me through my medical problems. Where else could we live that “neighbors helping neighbors” has true meaning? I love you all.

Jan Smith

Aeneas Valley


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