Woman pleads guilty for saw blade at jail

Stokes arrested for using a slipper to smuggle tool

— A local woman has admitted trying to sneak a six-inch saw blade into the Okanogan County Jail.

Emily Stokes, 26, pleaded guilty Oct. 3 in Okanogan County Superior Court to second-degree introducing contraband. She was sentenced to two months in jail.

Stokes was arrested March 24 on suspicion of trying to sneak the blade in while she was at the jail to visit Neal Sylvester Mix, 28.

He was arrested in November 2012 for a stabbing in downtown Okanogan and exchanging gunfire with a sheriff’s deputy.

At the time of her arrest, Sheriff Frank Rogers said Stokes allegedly brought Mix some items, including slippers.

The blade allegedly was in a slipper.

“Stokes left the jail but returned at around 2:35 p.m. on March 24, the same day,” Rogers said. “At this time she was contacted by deputy Tait Everett” in the lobby and arrested.

Stokes was a passenger in Mix’s vehicle when it went off East Dry Coulee Road on Nov. 10, 2012, after a short pursuit by Sgt. Tony Hawley. Mix allegedly fired a gun at Hawley, who returned fire and injured Mix.

Hawley was not hurt.

Mix pleaded guilty Aug. 15 to first-degree assault, first-degree possession of a firearm, attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle, unlawful possession of a short-barrel shotgun or rifle, alteration of identification marks on a weapon and third-degree driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Accompanying weapons enhancements were dismissed.

Mix was sentenced to 240 months in prison.

The gunfire came after Hawley attempted to stop Mix for speeding. Mix also was wanted for an Okanogan stabbing in October 2012, to which he also pleaded guilty in August.


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