Bears prompt concerns

Police have fielded numerous calls about the animals

— The Colville Confederated Tribes has posted “The Bear Facts” brochure on its website on the heels of a rash of bear complaints in town.

Bear complaints have been coming in to the Coulee Dam Police Department for the past three weeks.

Reports include bears in garbage, yards and walking along the street through neighborhoods.

From Oct. 4-11, the department received reports of a bear on 12th Street and River Drive, Camas Street walking toward Central Avenue, Cedar Street and in a backyard on Civic Way.

The brochure urges people to keep their yards clean, pick fruit as soon as it ripens, keep outdoor grills clean or stored inside, and avoid storing food or garbage outside for long periods of time.

“Bears are drawn to smells such as garbage, pet foods, bird feed, compost piles, fruit trees, berry bushes, livestock feed, dirty barbecue grills, beehives and petroleum products,” the brochure said.

People who encounter bears should move inside immediately, remain calm, never approach a bear, avoid trying to pet a baby bear, and not yell, scream or run.

“Make yourself as large as possible and speak in a calm voice to the bear and move away, giving the bear some space, and leave the area,” the brochure said.

Bears spotted in residential areas of the reservation should be reported to the tribal Department of Fish and Wildlife.


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