2013 Election -Oroville City Council, Position No. 1

Name: Jon Robert Neal

Age: 50

Family: Wife Traci; three children, Tiffany, Chelsea and Zachary; four grandchildren

Education/career background: Owner of Neals Autobody & Glass in Oroville for 22 years. Graduate of Oroville High School. Learned my trade from my father, Robert Neal.

• What are some of the city’s most pressing infrastructure needs, and what would you do to address them?

The city’s infrastructure needs in my opinion are trying to maintain and/or improve city services in an ever changing economy; this can be done by maintaining what we have, looking for grants, loans that the city and its citizens can afford to improve or expand them. The new health care requirements may become an issue, for now we have curbed that through a new group policy through Association of Washington Cities.

• What would you do to attract development and revitalize the downtown district?

The expansion of tourism would help revitalize the downtown as would the attraction of local industry, both of which can be difficult in the present economy, I also feel this needs to be done in a way that won’t put undo burden on the current residents.

 • What should the city’s long-term approach be for Osoyoos Lake Veterans Memorial Park?

I feel the city has a good plan for Lake Osoyoos Veterans Memorial Park, We are currently making improvement to some of the sites (power, water) And are always looking for ways to expand /or improve the onsite facilities thru upgrades and renting of the concession stand.

I was born and raised in Oroville, my children went to school in the local district, which gives me a unique look of the changes that have occurred here and perhaps to the changes that are needed.


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