2013 Election - Pateros City Council, Position No. 5

Name: Ann Davidson

Age: 72

Family: Daughter, two grand-children

Occu-pation: Retired

Career/ educational background: Varied, including teaching in Philadelphia public schools, substitute teaching in several Washington cities, including Tacoma and Bellingham.

Later jobs included mural artist, portrait artist and peace worker. Degree in art education. Two-year degree in video and applied communications.

• How should the city address animal code enforcement concerns?

As a council member, one would need to follow the current code unless there was an amendment to the ordinance.

The big issue is whether to call little goats pets or farm animals. It’s really up to the people.

I know one needs to be considerate of the people.

Some of the worst complaints were against dogs, but of course, they’re not going to outlaw dogs.

• What are the city’s needs in terms of bringing in new businesses and building the local economy?

We need good visibility from the highway, so embellish on signage.

I think there are some plans for that, and hoping to attract more business owners. Business owners are asked what their needs are when there are events in town.

Basically, being a welcoming place for new businesses and trying to accomadate various types.

I know they were looking at RVs and trailers. People like to be by the river.

• How should the city address a need for affordable housing?

I haven’t heard discussions on that. I know there are a certain amount of vacant homes.

I don’t know if there’s any spare land to attract a developer.

I don’t think the government is going to be doing any subsidized housing. Certainly the city should remain open to the possibility.

I wasn’t aware it was a specific issue in Pateros.


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