Don’t be confused by bus measure

The Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition is being confused with the Okanogan County Transit Authority bus line recently placed on the ballot for the general election.

They are not the same — Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition is not Okanogan County Transit Authority.

Transportation and Nutrition’s directors were asked to support the Transit Authority’s ballot measure. The board agreed, with the condition that Transportation and Nutrition would be allowed to continue providing its existing services in addition to the authority’s new offerings. The authority agreed.

Transportation and Nutrition’s services are for all Okanogan County residents. These services allow our seniors to remain independent and self-reliant; our low-income neighbors to get education, training and employment in a cost-effective way; and are available to everyone for any purpose. The cost of riding the bus is minimal and affordable.

Transportation and Nutrition’s services not only benefit our riders but businesses in the communities it serves. Buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and bicycle racks are available on some buses.

Our drivers assist seniors and disabled with heavy packages and getting on and off the bus.

Our funding comes from both federal and state grants, Aging and Adult Care of Central Washington for senior transportation, donations and fares from our riders, and from community support.

While I have your attention, I would like to mention senior meal programs that Transportation and Nutrition provides.

All six senior centers in the county serve meals for seniors 60 years and older. They also deliver meals to homebound seniors. Two senior centers serve twice a week, three senior centers serve two days a week and one senior center serves four days a week.

We also provide these nutrition services in three other counties.

The public is welcome to attend the meal sites for a healthy and tasty meal but pay the full cost — still a very good deal.

Transportation and Nutrition employs more than 50 people in its service area. As an organization, our administrative staff is kept at a minimum, allowing us to utilize funding to directly provide services.

As our economy diminishes, we need your financial support. We welcome and encourage donations, which are tax deductible.

We at the Okanogan County Senior Citizens Association are proud to oversee Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition’s operations as well as the six area senior centers.

Sally R. Alexander is the board president of Okanogan County Senior Citizens Association and Okanogan County Transportation and Nutrition.


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