Oct. 30, 2013 - News of Record - Omak Police

From Omak Police

Department complaints

Oct. 28

Diesel spill on Omache Drive.

Oct. 27

Assault on North Juniper Street.

Theft on Omache Drive.

Shoplifters on Omache Drive.

Oct. 26

Burglary on North Main Street.

Lost property on Engh Road. Rear license plate missing from a vehicle.

Dog bite on Okoma Drive.

Vehicle crash on South Ash Street.

Oct. 25

Theft on South Cedar Street.

Oct. 24

Found property on East Cherry Avenue. Two bicycles found.

Vehicle theft on Oak Street.

Oct. 23

Harassment on Seventh Avenue. Dead fish placed in a hole under a fence.

Theft on East Dewberry Avenue.

Drug report on Engh Road. Baggie containing white power found in a parking lot.

Vehicle prowl on West Bartlett Avenue.

Oct. 22

Assault on South Cedar Street.

Theft on Engh Road.

Oct. 21

Two thefts on Engh Road.

Found property on North Cedar Street. Two bicycles found in bushes outside a yard.

Fraud on Engh Road.

Burglary on East Dewberry Avenue.


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