Painting company adds remodeling

— Alpen Glo Painting and Repair has recently expanded its business to include a variety of remodeling jobs and added another employee.

Bruce McCullough runs the business, along with help from Tana Pitts.

Alpen Glo does all types of residential and commercial painting, in addition to cleanup, installing countertops, roof repairs, decks, siding and other types of remodeling.

“We take pride in our work,” McCullough said. “I’m pretty happy with my work. If I can’t be happy with my work, I don’t want to do it.”

McCullough had run his own business in the past, but a foot injury forced him to close up shop until his injury healed.

He said his specialty is remodeling log homes “that look like they need to be pushed over,” he said.

“I can make them so they look like they’re brand new, like they’ve just been put up.”

McCullough said he does not do new construction, but he is willing to travel around the region for work.

“We’re new in business and we’re not trying to make a living on every job,” he said. “We just want to work.”


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