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Primary results finalized

— Voter turnout for the Aug. 6 primary election was 26.39 percent in Okanogan County and 36.82 percent in Ferry County.

Final election returns show incumbent Sen. John Smith, Colville, garnering 9,804 votes in the 7th Legislative District, or 50.38 percent, and challenger Brian Dansel, Republic, getting 5,636 votes, or 28.96 percent district-wide.

They will move on to the Nov. 5 general election.

Mike Brunson, another challenger from Springdale, received 4,020 votes, or 20.66 percent.

All three are Republicans.

In the non-partisan Coulee Dam mayor’s race, F. Gregory (Greg) Wilder received 187 votes city-wide, or 65.85 percent. Incumbent Gayland (Quincy) Snow received 73, or 25.7 percent.

Both move on to the general election.

Another challenger, Shawn Derrick, garnered 24 votes, or 8.45 percent.

For Nespelem School Board director position No. 3, incumbent P. Jolene Marchand received 61 votes, or 48.03, and challenger Dorothy Palmer got 38, or 29.92 percent to move on to the general election.

Another challenger, Enid T. Wippel received 28 votes, or 22.05 percent.

In the other Nespelem board race on the primary election, Nancy J. Armstrong-Montes received 75 votes, or 59.52 percent, and incumbent Andrew C. Joseph Jr. got 38 votes, or 30.16 percent.

Both move on to the general election.

Challenger Zekkethal “Val” Vargas-Thomas garnered 13 votes, or 10.32 percent.

In a four-way race for the Omak School Board, Dennis D. Carlton received 686 votes, or 45.58 percent, and Megan Azzano got 340 votes, or 22.59 percent.

Both move on to the general election.

Bowing out of the race are Ken Crofoot, 314 votes, or 20.86 percent, and Eric Hein, 165 votes, or 10.96 percent.


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