Time to hit the fair

Although the Okanogan County Parks and Recreation Board has had some internal strife in recent weeks, I hope that won’t stop people from attending this weekend’s fair.

The four-day event always provides a relaxing atmosphere and a good opportunity to catch up with people from every corner of the county.

I’ve noticed, over 30-plus years of attending the fair, that I’ll run into people I see only at the fair. From one year to the next, we’ll stop and chat awhile, catching up on what’s happened in the intervening year.

Sure, the fair changes from year to year. Some longtime events are dropped and others take their place.

Longtime fair goers notice when someone’s entries are missing, too. Perhaps the person died or moved away, but the absence is noticed.

Other times, there are new, exciting events to fill in the cracks and up-and-coming exhibitors to delight spectators. I suspect this year’s wiener dog races might fill one of those niches.

And then there’s the food.

From huckleberry ice cream to buns dripping with honey butter and from fresh-from-the field corn to hot, cinnamon-sugar coated doughnuts, folks make it a point to eat their way through the fair. Remember: Calories consumed at the fair don’t count.

You can expect political literature to be handed out, along with free apple slices, an assortment of balloons and pens, and all sorts of goodies for the kids.

Speaking of the younger generation, the fair is a place that parents can feel safe letting their youngsters go – even fairly young ones. Just slip them a few dollars and they’ll be off to explore the fair.

Parents needn’t worry – youngsters bounce back every so often for more money.

At the end of the weekend, you’ll arrive home exhausted, covered in a thin layer of fair dust and ready to sink into a hot tub.

Then it’s time to count the days until next year’s fair.


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