Brewster won’t be part of district

— The city has elected not to be part of the mosquito control district being formed in the Omak-Okanogan area.

“Basically, the city of Brewster doesn’t have a mosquito problem,” Clerk/Treasurer Misty Ruiz said. The council made its decision during the Sept. 11 meeting.

“I think I’ve gotten one complaint about mosquitoes in the three years I’ve been here,” she said. “One council member said he felt it was something that could be better resolved by people within the city, rather than doing an application over the entire city.”

Ruiz said Brewster’s mosquito issue is likely different from what Omak and Okanogan experienced earlier this summer because the Columbia River moves more quickly than the Okanogan River.

The Okanogan County Mosquito Control District Advisory Board announced it would begin reaching out to other communities in the county last month, Omak city administrator Ralph Malone said.

Voters would have to create the district with special purpose designation so it can collect a tax from residents to pay for mosquito control.


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