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Clues sought in gun thefts

— Authorities are investigating a theft of more than 30 weapons from a Bridgeport home.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s help in solving a burglary that happened Aug. 22 that resulted in 32 guns being stolen.

Most of the guns were rare, custom or unique.

“With the public’s help we believe these guns can be recovered and returned to the rightful owner,” Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal said.

The theft also included an assortment of bows, arrows, ammunition and other outdoor equipment. The burglary occurred Aug. 22.

The stolen guns were:

• Blaser R-93 bolt action rifle, .375 caliber, with a black and green synthetic stock and a Zeiss Victory scope;

• Steyr Mannlichen bolt action rifle, model SM-12 with a Swarovski Z3 3-10X42 scope;

• Mannlicher, Duett hinge breach over under, rifle shotgun combo;

• Auschutz 1517 bolt action rifle. .17HMR caliber;

• Smith and Wesson revolver model 10, .38 special;

• Marlin 1985 custom lever action rifle;

• Tikka T# 7mm Mag. With Leopold 2.5-8X35;

• Thompson/Center Contender .500 S&W carbine;

• Sake Kodiak, bolt action stainless steel rifle;

• Springfield 1903 bolt action rifle, 30.06 caliber.

• Kimber bolt action, heavy barreled target rifle, model 84M;

• HS Precision bolt action rifle, pro-series, .223 caliber;

• Rock River Arms, LAR8 Varmint AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, .308 caliber;

• Rock River Arms, LAR-8, AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, .308 caliber;

• Stag arms, AR-15 style, semi-Automatic rifle, .556 caliber, black synthetic stock.

• Thompson/Center, Contender, single shot pistol;

• Thompson/Center Contender, single shot pistol;

• Marlin 1895 336 M lever action rifle.

• Marlin 1895 .336 M lever action rifle.

• Magnum Research custom Remington 700;

• Remington 700 custom bolt action rifle;

• Mossberg bolt action shotgun, 20 gauge;

• Iver Johnson 12 gauge single shot shotgun;

• Savage .22 LR single shot rifle, 16 inch barrel;

• Ruger AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, model SR556-VT. .223 caliber, 26 inch stainless steel barrel, black synthetic stock, trijicon variable power scope. Serial number 590-44824

• Kimber bolt action rifle, model SVT, gray laminate stock, stainless 18 inch barrel. .22 caliber;

• Rock River Arms AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, Model, R-4;

• Tikka bolt action rifle, model T3, 7mm Remington magnum;

• Thompson/Center Contender, single shot rifle;

• Marlin (Sick) 1895 lever action rifle;

• Ruger American bolt action rifle, .30.06 caliber;

  1. Ruger American bold action rifle, .30.06 caliber.


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