Deputy prosecutor leaves for Olympia post

— Clayton Hill has resigned from the Town Council and will soon leave his job as Okanogan County deputy prosecuting attorney for a new job in Olympia.

Hill, 37, has been hired as staff counsel for the state Republican House Caucus. He has worked for Okanogan County for more than three years, he said.

His last day is Sept. 30, and he starts work in the state capitol on Oct. 4.

“I’d say it’s really a great opportunity for me, because they have the best leadership team that the Republicans in Olympia have had for a long time,” Hill said. “I just feel really confident that there’s not another leadership team I’d rather work for that gives the Republicans a better chance to get into the majority… in decades.”

He credits Marian McClanahan with the Okanogan County Tea Party and Pamela Leslie with the Okanogan County Liberty Caucus for getting him involved in grassroots politics and activism.

“Without having met those two local people and kind of learning from them about getting involved… I probably wouldn’t be having this opportunity,” Hill said. “I’m definitely going to take the local methods here from Okanogan County to Olympia with me” as he learns to turn policy into state laws.

He said he’s excited to work with House leaders, as well as Rep. Cary Condotta of East Wenatchee.

“I think he’s a really independent thinker for North-Central Washington and very pro-liberty,” Hill said of Condotta.

Hill resigned from the council on Sept. 9, Town Clerk Jackie Moriarty said.

He was first appointed in June 2012, and his term for Position No. 5 expires at the end of the year. He had been running for election, challenged by Dwight Filer.


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