April 2, 2014- Letters to the Editor

Local hospitals are doing their best

The recent letter from Dr. Stangland of Tonasket was a welcome contrast to Publisher Roger Harnack’s column on local healthcare.

Each public hospital in Okanogan County has strived to serve its patients with the best healthcare possible. The board members of all three hospital districts in the county invest many hours devoted to governing, improving and protecting local healthcare.

Over the years, board members have met to explore shared services. The three districts will continue to work together to comply with changes in healthcare that are on the near horizon.

North Valley, Mid-Valley and Three Rivers hospitals are the backbones of healthcare in Okanogan County. The doctors, staffs and administrations deserve recognition for their efforts to provide and protect local medical services. It is fortunate our county commissioners recognize the importance of keeping all three hospitals functioning financially.

The job of all the hospitals’ CEOs and boards is to provide excellent local healthcare in a viable, cost-efficient manner. Their charge is to invest in the future of these medical services surviving in Okanogan County. Their goal is to achieve that without the County Treasurer’s Office providing interest-bearing warrants to finance healthcare services.

Change will happen. The staggering cost of healthcare, insurance and government mandates is forcing these changes. Working towards the goal of new efficiencies will take time; support from the public is essential.

Mr. Harnack, as publisher of The Chronicle, you have the opportunity and responsibility of creating positive input and support for all three hospital districts. Sensationalism and half-truths have no place in the newspaper.

It is unfair and foolish to be publishing poison pen columns that reveal how ill-informed you are about healthcare.

Daniel Webster Brewster

Transgender policy idiotic, unnatural

According to a state mandate, it will be necessary for public schools to allow boys to use girls’ facilities, showers, etc. Likewise, girls can use boys’ facilities.

Boys are also to be allowed to join girls’ sports. Likewise, girls can join boys’ teams.

The absolute unnaturalness of such actions on the part of those mandating such a requirement is utterly unconscionable. Any individual that advocates for such a mandate should be summarily dismissed from whatever position he or she holds.

It is one thing to advocate gender equity, but quite another to distort reality by instituting such an idiotic mandate.

John D. “Jack” Mallinger Omak


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