Bracket-busters leave Davis first, Larson second

The second week of March Madness probably caused a few prognosticators to pull out their hair.

After the last buzzer, the last intentional foul and final NCAA image of glad and sad, the contest saw 54 percent of the entries come to an end.

As the dust settles, Reilly Davis of Omak finds himself in front of the Basketball Frenzy as the NCAA men’s tournament heads into the third and final week of play. Davis leads with 62 points and has Florida falling to Louisville — which has been eliminated — in the championship.

He’s one of two-thirds of the pickers with the Gators getting to the final game before losing.

Dick Larson of Oroville is second with 61 points. Kenneth Wood of Omak, Joy Fraley of Omak and Sonja Thornton of Oroville each have 60 points.

Larson and Wood also have Florida losing in the finals.

Fraley and Thornton waited until the final game of the regional finals to see their Michigan pick fall to Kentucky.

Fraley was especially devastated, as his was the lone entry to predict the Wolverines to take it all.

Three entries go into the final week with 56 points and with Florida winning the national title. That would jet all three to the front. (There were five entries with Florida being the champion, but the other two have fewer than 56 points).

The tiebreaker for the three will be who wins the NCAA women’s national title.

The three are Raina Peone of Omak (no tiebreaker listed), David Faulkner of Wenatchee (Duke, already eliminated) and Michael Hauso of Omak (Connecticut, in the Final Four).

As for Chronicle staff, Sports Editor Al Camp has 59 points, with Florida reaching the finals, but falling to Arizona, which is out.

Publisher Roger Harnack has 61 points. The only team he has left is Florida — to win.


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