Fry and Dunckel roll 300s

— Travis Fry and Dale Dunckel each rolled perfect 300 games in league bowling last week at Valley Lanes.

Fry bowled his game in Wednesday’s Classic Scratch League.

Dunckel put together his game in Friday’s Mixed League.

The second Pat Morin Senior Tournament will be April 11-13 at the lanes, 740 Riverside Drive.

“It is open to all Native American bowlers, Okanogan Valley bowlers and Coulee Country bowlers (Pat’s People),” Valley Lanes Manager Lynn Hoover said.

There will be singles, doubles, mixed doubles, mixed team and masters.

Sunday Mixed League: Men’s high score: Bill Carson, 222.

Monday Majors: High scores: Dan Wentz, 258; Cameron Danielson, 246; Jeremy Fletcher, 246; Kevin Fletcher, 246; Smiley Smith, 245; Nick Powell, 243; Rich Fletcher, 236;

Dave Carlton, 235; Jack Brandt, 232; Justin Allen, 225. High series: Jeremy Fletcher, 715; Dan Wentz, 667; Dave Carlton, 662; Nick Powell, 654; Cameron Danielson, 644; Kevin Fletcher, 643.

Wednesday Classic Scratch: High game: Travis Fry, 300; Jason VanderWeide, 268; Casey Miller, 248; Dale Dunckel, 246; Lyle Ludeman, 243; Jeremy Fletcher, 241; Cass Robbins, 233; Smiley Smith, 231. High series: Travis Fry, 766; Dale Dunckel, 669; Lyle Ludeman, 646; Smiley Smith, 643; Jeremy Fletcher, 636; Jason VanderWeide, 621.

Thursday Seniors: High game: Bill Knorr, 222; Bob Deering, 194; Buck Workman, 187; Bob Kawahara, 181; Jack Brandt, 177; Jim Allard, 177; Tom Faust, 177. High Series: Buck Workman, 537; Bill Knorr, 532.

Thursday King Pin: High game: Leon Hoover, 258; Raymond Mercado, 244; Dale Dunckel, 229. High series: Leon Hoover, 711; Travis Fry, 666; Dale Dunckel, 642.

Friday Mixed League: High game: Dale Dunckel, 300; Travis Fry, 247; Jerry Day, 236; Cliff Berry, 235; Lyle Ludeman, 230. High series: Travis Fry, 697; Dale Dunckel, 690.


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