Orozco joins City Council

Animal control officer asks for new anti-cruelty provisions

— The City Council is complete once again with the appointment of a new fifth member last week.

Sergio Orozco was selected and sworn in during the March 26 meeting, Finance Director Karen Brown said.

The only other candidate was Michael Knox, who has begun circulating a petition to put a recall of Mayor Marilynn Lynn on the ballot.

Orozco takes the place of former councilman Neil Jacobson, who resigned from Position No. 5 on Feb. 26 before moving out of the area.

Orozco’s letter of interest said he has lived in the area most of his life and graduated from Bridgeport High School.

“I’m a hard worker and a quick-learner, I am fluent in both English and Spanish, and I have a good relationship with the community,” he wrote.

“In my line of work, I’ve learned ways to be a better person, to listen to people’s needs and help make tough decisions.”

Also during last week’s meeting, animal control officer Bill Zweigle asked the council to consider creating or amending an ordinance to include provisions against animal cruelty.

“He saw a lot over the winter what he felt was no or inadequate shelter, short leases, frozen water bowls,” Lynn said.

“Bill came with some specific proposals this time for the council to really look at. They will address them potentially for action at the April 9 meeting.”

Some of Zweigle’s recommendations included requiring pet owners to give animals proper shelter, adequate bedding and leashes at least six to eight feet long, and make sure drinkable water is available at all times.

“It doesn’t take long for a bowl of water to freeze in the wintertime,” Lynn said, so that idea might be more difficult to require of residents.

The council may also update its code regarding pit bulls, which are banned.

“Part of the confusion is how long a dog owner has to establish whether this dog is not a pit bull,” Lynn said.

“We’re just looking at the code, updating it and making sure it’s consistent with our other dangerous animals code.”


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