We need a fair tax code

Guest Column by Doc Hastings

As tax day nears on April 15, we’re reminded of the tremendous impact decisions made in Washington, D.C., have here on families, farmers, and businesses.

With many still searching for jobs or working twice as hard to pay the bills, the last thing we need is a higher tax bill from the federal government. Unfortunately, this administration has repeatedly shown its approach is to tax more and spend more.

Americans deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money and they deserve a tax code that is easy to understand. I have long supported efforts to eliminate our current tax system and replace it with one that is simpler, fairer and consistent. Simplifying our tax code will give American families and job creators the certainty of knowing what their tax bill will be year-to-year so that they can plan for the future, save and invest.

A competitive tax system will grow our economy, allow American small businesses to create new jobs, and enable private sector growth.

The chairman of the House tax writing committee recently released a proposal to reform the tax code with these goals in mind. While this is just the first draft, it will allow Americans to review it and see what they like and don’t like about the proposal before moving forward. In my view, this open process is how Congress should work, instead of former Speaker Pelosi’s infamous quote that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” in reference to Obamacare. You can learn more and share your tax reform ideas at www.taxreform.gov.

I will continue to support efforts to create a simpler, more competitive tax code that will help American families and businesses succeed.

Rep. Doc Hastings represents Washington’s 4th Congressional District, including Okanogan County.


amerigom 4 years ago

"We need a fair tax code Guest Column by Doc Hastings" Doc Hastings; you got this one right!
There never has been a plan as Perfect as the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax is "Color" blind! The Fair Tax is "ethnic' blind! The Fair Tax is blind to everything; and considers every taxpayer; Equal! There are NO forms to "fill"; NO April 15; Deadline! and; NO favorites! The Fair Tax needs NO paperwork! The Fair Tax, eliminates ALL Federal Taxes; and immediately after a purchase; NO receipt is necessary! Just imagine the number of trees that will be spared! Best of all; Just imagine the number of Government "tax-collectors, that will lose their jobs! "THEY" could join the Un-employment lines, "They" have created! "They" can become "Producers". instead of dependants! Great idea; Doc!


pathfinder1941 4 years ago

Beg to differ. What we do not need is more code. What we need is THE FairTax(R).


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