Basketball FRENZY!

Florida goes down in flames, Fraley and Davis win

This year’s Basketball Frenzy fizzled at the end for all but the mother-and-son entry of Joy Fraley and Reilly Davis of Omak.

The mom-son entry won the annual contest after No. 1 seeded Florida fell to No. 7 Connecticut in the Final Four.

Mom entered the contest based on her son’s basketball knowledge.

The 46 percent of the entries that survived the first two weeks all had Florida in the championship game. Of those, 21 percent had the Gators going all the way to the national title.

But with Florida failing to advance, Fraley-Davis with 62 points came out on top. Barely.

Dick Larson of Oroville finished second with 61 points. Kenneth Wood of Omak was third with 60 points. Jenni Cox of Okanogan was fourth with 58 points.

For those wanting to know, the Fraley-Davis entry had Florida reaching the championship game and falling to Louisville, which was eliminated by Kentucky in the Sweet 16.

The entry picked up important points in the Elite 8, picking half of them correctly.

Larson had Arizona beating Florida in the championship game. Larson did terrific in the round of 64, picking up 25 points.

For the figure filberts, of the 11 million people who filled out a bracket on, only 1,780 predicted a Kentucky-UConn final. That’s 0.016 percent of entrants.

At The Chronicle Publisher Roger Harnack, who was ineligible for the prize, finished with 63 points.

Sports Editor Al Camp stalled at 59 points.


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