Gay-straight club observing Day of Silence in local school

— Gay students and their supporters at Omak High School are observing a "Day of Silence" today, vowing not to talk to their peers on campus.

That has led some parents — who asked not to be identified out of fear their straight child will be singled out for not participating — to pull their students out of school for the day.

The Day of Silence is being pushed by the national Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. a group that purports to call attention to the plight of homosexuals by having students, teachers, school administrators and others remain silent for a day of public school.

Omak High School has a Gay-Straight Alliance club that formed last month. The club is an offshoot of the national network organized by Massachusetts teachers.

According to Omak school officials, the day is being observed voluntarily in the high school.

But at least two middle school parents say their daughters were informed Thursday they and other younger students should participate. That prompted the parents to keep their students home today.

Omak schools have also been under fire recently for enacting a transgender policy that allows students to choose their restroom, locker room and sports based on how they "gender identify," rather than actual gender.

School District Superintendent Erik Swanson said in practice, students won't use the alternate sex's facilities. Instead, they will be offered alternate facilities.

State law requires schools to adopt a transgender policy.


Dealthand 4 years, 9 months ago

Of something that was meant to bring awareness to anti-bullying against gays it turns out that the members of this group were the ones doing the bullying. Many children including my own who do not support gays and their beliefs were bullied by the very group that was crying about being bullied. This is so typical of this stance that if you don't believe in their way then it automatically makes you prejudice, intolerant, uninformed, racist and so much more. So now that the school has allowed this into the school it has caused such a huge division amongst friends and students and yes even some teachers. If their so called stance was to bring awareness to bullying against gays, why not just join Rachael's Challenge(anti bully club), or is that not political enough to get your point out? I've seen how this GSA club works first hand as my kid has come home crying from being bullied. I've seen the messages being sent that calling my child insensitive, naive and typical religious freak, just because they don't believe in the same thing. So why did you (Omak High School) allow this to happen and continue to be pushed in your school?! I know it has been brought to your attention, but you sit back and let it continue. What has to happen now? Does a kid have to be beaten for this to stop? Or right there was a fight on Friday because of this, did you not hear about that? High school is not a place of higher education, it is a place for general learning, sports and fun. Why do you allow this political stance in the school?! Okay well I've rambled enough....God Bless and I pray that you make the right decision next year or whenever this comes up!!!!!!!

concerned parent.


Dealthand 4 years, 9 months ago

WHY ARE THE DISCUSSIONS NOT BEING POSTED!!!!! Are you censoring??????????? I will bring this to the attention of the City/County if comments or a response is not done!


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