Google Maps fixes Deep Bay Park name

Residents petition company to correct park’s moniker

— The city’s Deep Bay Park was suffering from an identity crisis, but the problem apparently has been fixed.

Chamber of Commerce President Clyde Andrews alerted members on Thursday that the online Google Maps service listed the park as “Shady Park.” Typing in “Deep Bay Park” in the search resulted in a Shady Park result.

He offered instructions for contacting Google to request a change.

“If enough of us do this, maybe they’ll get the idea,” he said.

The next day, he sent another email alert saying the problem had been fixed.

“I don’t know if it was timing, or some of you (contacted Google) and it helped, but Shady Park is now Deep Bay Park on Google Maps,” he said.

Having the correct name helps in directing people to the park and the events planned there, he said.

The chamber’s May 17-18 Rally at the Border Blues Fest, July 4 fireworks show and Aug. 9 hydroplane races are all based in the park.


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