Missing boy safe at home

Dog stays, ends up with a face full of porcupine quills

— A boy who was missing all night after going to check on horses found his way home safely Friday morning.

But his dog ended up in a sticky mess.

The youngster, whose named was not released by the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, apparently went out late Thursday afternoon to check on horses near his home off U.S. Highway 97. He was last seen by his younger brother at around 4:30 p.m.

His parents, the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue looked all night for the 12-year-old, Sheriff Frank Rogers said.

The boy apparently got turned around when darkness came.

“Once daylight came around … the boy found his way back home” around 8 a.m., Rogers said.

“Everything turned out all right, except for the Great Dane that was with him,” he said. “Apparently this morning, the Great Dane tangled with a porcupine. The poor dog had a face full of quills when he got home.”

The dog had stayed with the boy all night.


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