Outage is for fiber optics, not electricity

— Fiber-optic customers will see an interruption in their service early Friday morning as Okanogan County Public Utility District crews perform maintenance.

A six-hour outage is planned starting at 12:01 a.m., according to the utility’s website. It is not an electrical outage, so only customers receiving fiber services, such as Internet, through service providers who buy from the utility district will be affected.

“During this time period, all traffic to Tonasket Nortons Knob, AP30035 (Double AP Wi-Fi site just north of Tonasket), and AP30036 (near Tonasket Airport), and fiber connectivity to Ellisforde Pickens Mountain will be interrupted,” the utility’s website said.

The work is estimated to take only about three hours, but a six-hour block has been scheduled to deal with any unforeseen issues that may arise.

A similar outage is planned for May 2 in Okanogan.


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