Stories for December 2014


Wednesday, December 31


Rock'n'roll may have a place here

With all the cowboy and country persona emphasized here, it sometimes feels like I’m the only one in the area who listens to hard-rock music. But there are several local hard-rock musicians making a name for themselves elsewhere

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Tuesday, December 30


Monday, December 29


Robbery reported in Okanogan

Okanogan County Sheriff's Office is searching for four masked bandits believed to have robbed a local couple at gunpoint Saturday night

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Friday, December 26


Wednesday, December 24


Dear Santa, will you please leave...

It’s usually easy for me to ask for a few well-deserved gifts. But given the destruction caused by this year’s Carlton Complex wildfire, there are so many things that area residents deserve — and need — that I can’t possibly ask for enough. But I’ll start with a few common-sense requests.

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Helping others is part of life here

We’d like to say the spirit of Christmas is alive and well here. But that wouldn’t quite be accurate ... residents here take care of their friends and neighbors all year along, not just during the holidays.

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Tuesday, December 23


Friday, December 19


Thursday, December 18


Wednesday, December 17


Reopen 36-mile stretch of river

Residents of our state did not cede the right to access and enjoyment of public waterways to utilities operating dams on the Columbia or other rivers. But Grant County Public Utility District officials would have you believe they are the sole arbiters of who gets to fish, boat and access a 36-mile stretch of the Columbia River from Wanapum Dam to Rock Island Dam. They are not.

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Tuesday, December 16


Monday, December 15

Friday, December 12


Thursday, December 11


Wednesday, December 10


Road block to established access

Forest Service Road No. 30 is an example of access issues facing those of us who enjoy recreating on publicly owned lands managed by a government agency. It makes you wonder how many public roads with prescriptive rights are now off limits, locked behind a government gate.

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Tuesday, December 9


Friday, December 5


Thursday, December 4


Wednesday, December 3


Cattlemen to discuss wolves

Officials, ranchers to discuss wolves, livestock inspections and water during Okanogan County Cattlemen's Association annual meeting.

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Gebbers deserves funds for fire fight

Gebbers Farms should be commended for its fire fighting efforts. The reimbursement cost taxpayers far, far less than had the company stood by and watched the Brewster area burn.

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Tuesday, December 2