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Letter writing tradition goes on

Chronicle readers don’t miss an opportunity to voice their opinions through letters to the editor.

This week, we continue a longstanding tradition of recognizing the year’s letter writers.

Letters to the editor provide an opportunity for readers to express their views on matters of public interest. They are a vital part of our country’s cherished rights to a free press and freedom of speech.

We appreciate people who write to the editor to express their views on local, state, national and international concerns.

We print nearly every letter we get — a few don’t make it because they are libelous or in poor taste, or make malicious attacks on individuals or businesses. A small handful arrives anonymously; they aren’t printed, either.

Freedom of speech — including expressing viewpoints, and questioning and criticizing the government — is one of these rights we hold dear.

With that right comes the obligation to exercise it responsibly. That’s why we at The Chronicle place restrictions on what gets printed.

We try to run them all, except thank you letters, within our guidelines.

Keep in mind, there is a 250-word limit on letters to the editor. Letters serve many purposes. You can get something off your chest, clarify a situation, ask a question, provide an answer or seek accountability from governmental bodies.

As you can see, we try to be responsible in our role as a messenger.

Letters can be mailed to The Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle, Attn.: Letter to the Editor, P.O. Box 553, Omak, WA 98841; dropped off at The Chronicle office, 618 Okoma Drive, Omak or emailed to news@omak

We encourage you to exercise one of your basic rights by writing to us, as these readers did in 2014 (those with more than one letter are noted in parentheses):

Albert, Nancy

Alley, Julie

Ames, Richard

Amonette, Alexandra

Andrews, Clyde

Artley, Dick

Asmussen, Jerry

Ayers, Sara

Bailey, Cathy

Balboni, Michael L.

Bartleson, Geri

Beach, Michael

Bedard, Stephanie

Bell, Keith

Berg, Deborah

Blankenship, Mike

Boyd-Rowley, Luana

Braden, Byron

Brannon, Jerald

Brennan, Jim

Brunson, Mike

Buchert, Kelly

Callaway, Peg

Carter, Gibby

Christensen, Kathleen

Cramer, Hank

Darley, Larry

Denison, John

Derig, Lorraine

Edick, Sue

Enzensperger, Joseph (5)

Evans, Leann

Field, Jack

Freeman, Susan

Friedman, Mitch (2)

Frost, Alice

Fryer, Alene Ewer

Fullerton, Scott

Garr, Allen

George, Wendell

Ghan, Steven

Goodwin, Bob

Goodwin, Robert

Goodwin, Robert F.

Haase, Sandy and Vern

Haase, Vern

Hajny, Darlene

Harlow, Chris

Hartzell, Sara

Hartzell, Ward (5)

Heath, Robert

Herzog, John

Holaday, Rene

Holt, Mark

Hoskin, Kay

Houston, Loretta

Howden, Gary

Hughes, Jeannie

Huhn, Bill (2)

James, Greg (2)

Jarvis, Michael W.

Johnson, Don

Johnson, Richard

Johnson, S.T. (2)

Jorgensen, Sue

Kaiser, Sandra

Kendall, Robert

Kirchner, Brian

Knechtel, Jon

Knox, Michael (3)

Konz, Stephen

Lamont, Barry

Lantz, Mike

Lewis, T.

Lints, Shiah

Mallinger, John D. “Jack” (2)

Marchand, Jess

Martin, Lauri

Mastey, Jim

Matter, Robert

Mazzetti, Michael “Buffalo” (2)

McDaniel, Laurel

Miller, Bill

Miller, James (4)

Miller, Sallie

Moses, Harvey Jr.

Moskowitz, Donald

Moss, Dale

Mulliken, Mike and Joyce

Niessner, David

O’Sell, Marsha

Olson, Scott

Opliger, Rocky W.

Oss, Deborah

Patrick, Paige (2)

Perkel, Marc (2)

Pomeroy, Roberta

Power, Kathy

Richards, Josh

Robanske, Connie

Roga, Michelle A.

Rose, Tom and Melissa

Rowe, Charles

Schindler, Duane

Slaughter, James

Sloan, Karl

Slusher, William (2)

Somers, Stan

Sonneman, Bradley

Soriano, Jim

Soriano, Nancy (2)

Spender, Meredith

Stangland, Dr. Dave

Stanton, P.

Stanton, Patricia

Steiner, John

Stenshoel, Paul (2)

Storm, Stacy

Streeter, Steven

Stucker, Trinity

Talbott, James

Thompson, Brian

Thompson, Rob (5)

Towner, Yvonne

Tyler, Robert

Vander Stoep, Ken

Visalli, Dana

Waldner, Garrett

Walker, Ginger

Waller, Donald R.

Warnick, Judy

Webster, Daniel

Williams, Larry

Wolosik, David

Womack, David A.

Wristen, Dick (2)

Yelland, Joel and Livingstone, Jaie

Zacherle, Ron

Zepeda, John


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