Deputy subdues suspect using Taser

— A local man was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol Feb. 22 after a deputy sheriff subdued him with a Taser.

Antonio Erick Zamudio, 30, was booked into jail after being checked by medical personnel called to the scene at 1981 Legacy Place S.E.

“Zamudio was arrested for DUI, felony eluding, driving with a suspended driver’s License and a misdemeanor warrant from Okanogan County,” Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal said. “He was transported to the Chelan County Jail and booked without further incident. A breath test revealed that his BAC (blood-alcohol contect) was over twice the legal limit.”

According to Gjesdal, Zamudio led a deputy on a chase prior to being subdued.

The chase began about 1:35 a.m. on Fourth Street Southeast, the sheriff said, noting a deputy began pursuing a 2012 Cadillac driven by Zamudio after running a stop sign at Kentucky street.

“The deputy turned on his overhead lights,” Gjesdal said. “Instead of pulling over, the vehicle accelerated rapidly and sped south on South Kentucky reaching speeds of 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.”

Near Lyle Street, Zamudio drove onto the sideway, hit a fire hydrant and maneuvered back onto the road, eventually pulling into the driveway of his home on Legacy Place, the sheriff said.

Zamudio activated the garage door and attempted to drive in, but struck another Cadillac, the sheriff said. He jumped from the vehicle and began running.

“The deputy ordered him several times to stop, to which he replied ‘no,’ Gjesdal said. “As he reached the door, the deputy successfully deployed his Taser causing the suspect to fall down. He struck his head on a wall, but continued to struggle.”

The deputy used his Taser and second time and finally subdued the Zamudio.

Medical personnel were called to the scene, where Zamudio was treated and released into custody.

“The arresting deputy and the deputies who assisted him did an outstanding job on this case,” Gjesdal said. “Based on this person’s history, it is easy to believe he would have continued with his dangerous behavior, which for the time being, has been abated.”


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