Dunckel bowls 300 at Valley Lanes

— Dale Dunckel bowled a perfect game of 300, his 28th in sanctioned bowling, and a 793 series in the Classic Scratch League last week at Valley Lanes.

“I don’t know how many (300s) in practice,” Dunckel said.

Travis Fry had a 726 series and Dunckel a 709 series in the Friday Night Mixed League.

Jenn Johnson led in the Valleyettes League with a 231 game and 629 series.

Saturday Morning Majors: Boys' high game: Anthony Lewis, 219. Girls' high game: Vanessa VanderWeide, 246. Boys' high series: Anthony Lewis, 593. Girls' high series: Vanessa VanderWeide, 632.

Monday Majors: High game: Cory Fletcher, 258; Larry Widman, 249; Nick Powell, 246. High series: Larry Widman, 683; Nick Powell, 669; Cory Fletcher, 652; Dave Carlton, 649.

Omak Junior Bantams: High game: Aspen Hoover, 124; Aanna Duncan, 123. High series: Aspen Hoover, 229; Aanna Duncan, 216.

Classic Scratch: Men's high game: Dale Dunckel, 300; Lyle Ludeman, 258; Jason VanderWeide, 248; Jeremy Fletcher, 243; Jim Allard, 235. Men's high series: Dale Dunckel, 793; Jason VanderWeide, 650; Lyle Ludeman, 642; Bob Kawahara, 617; Brodie Verstegen, 607; Darrel Dick, 603. Women's high game: Raelyn Lewis, 224. Women's high series: Raelyn Lewis, 604.

Valleyettes: High game: Jenn Johnson, 231. High series: Jenn Johnson, 629.

Thursday Seniors: High game: Joe Turk, 232; Bob Kawahara, 203; Phil Corlis, 190; Les McKay, 188; Bill Knorr, 186; Tom Schieffner, 180; Bob Deering, 178.

Thursday King Pin: High game: Dale Dunckel, 257; Travis Fry, 246; Bill Carson, 240; Pete Sirois, 237; Bob Stevens, 233; Leon Hoover, 232. High series: Dale Dunckel, 699; Travis Fry, 652; Bill Carson, 632; Pete Sirois, 614.

Friday Mixed League: High game: Dale Dunckel, 267; Travis Fry, 264; Lyle Ludeman, 255; Cliff Berry, 238. High Series: Travis Fry, 726; Dale Dunckel, 709; Lyle Ludeman, 654.


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