Letter writing tradition goes on

Chronicle readers don’t miss an opportunity to let their views be known through letters to the editor.

This week, we continue a longstanding tradition of recognizing the year’s letter writers.

Letters to the editor provide an opportunity for readers to express their opinions on matters of public interest. They are a vital part of our country’s cherished rights to a free press and freedom of speech.

We appreciate people who write to the editor to express their views on local, state, national and international concerns.

We print nearly every letter we get — a few don’t make it because they are libelous or in poor taste, or make malicious attacks on individuals or businesses. A small handful arrives anonymously; they aren’t printed.

Freedom of speech — including expressing viewpoints, and questioning and criticizing the government — is one of these rights we hold dear.

With that right comes the obligation to exercise it responsibly. That’s why we at The Chronicle place restrictions on what gets printed.

We try to run them all, but we also try to be responsible in our role as a messenger.

Keep in mind, there is a 250-word limit on letters to the editor. Letters serve many purposes. You can get something off your chest, clarify a situation, ask a question, provide an answer or seek accountability from governmental bodies.

Letters can be mailed to The Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle, Attn. : Letter to the Editor, P.O. Box 553, Omak, WA 98841; dropped off at The Chronicle office, 618 Okoma Drive, Omak or emailed to news@omak chronicle.com.

We encourage you to exercise one of your basic rights by writing to us, as these readers did in 2013 (those with more than one letter are noted in parentheses):

Ames, Al

Apple, Kendra

Avena, Nico

Bafundo, Gregg

Ballard, Laura

Barker, Lee (3)

Bates, Patricia

Bauer, Lisa

Beardslee, Larry

Bedient, Willa

Bosco, Alfred N.

Bosco, Aspen

Brantner, Russ

Brook, Randy

Brunson, Mike

Buchanan, Ernie

Carleton, Judson

Chantler, Dave

Christensen, Scott

Coffell, Kelsie

Columbia, Gina

Cook, Richard W.

Covington, Michelle

Covington, Truman V. (4)

Creveling, David W.

Curson, Dave

Dahlquist, Robert

Delgado, Tony

Depo, Bill

Dinkins, Cathie

Donahue, Peter (2)

Duck, Kodie

Dylewsky, Kate

Enzensperger, Joseph (7)

Erb, Jan

Fancher, Pamela J.

Fitzgerald, Georgene

Friedman, Mitch

Gibson, Mary Ellen

Goebel, Lew

Goeschl, Kay

Goodman, Robert

Green, Gerald

Greenough, Judy

Hahn, Bruce

Harlow, Chris

Hartzell, Ward (5)

Heath, Robert L. (2)

Hensley, Birdie

Herzog, John

Hightower, Jae

Hires, Brock

Hobart, Alice I.

Howe, Gail A.

Huhn, Bill (4)

James, Andy

James, Greg (6)

Johnson, Amber

Johnson, Richard (2)

Johnson, Roy

Johnson, S.T.

Kalberer, Jim and Claire

Kendall, Robert

Klein, Richard C.

Krulitski, Maureen

LaMotte, Tami

Ledger, Vickie

Leslie, Pam

MacClain, John

Marchand, Arnie

Matter, Robert

McCrea, Darren

McDaniel, Laurel M.

McNamara, Jessica

Meagher, Carolyn

Metteer, Chuck

Millard, Louis Ralph

Miller, James M. (3)

Morava, Darlene

Morris, Rae and Mark

Morton, Peg

Nash, Jim

Nemecheck, Ed

O’Dell, Alex

Olson, Arnie

Orr, Noel

Patterson, Steve

Paul, Shawna

Pentz, Roberta

Peterson, Grant (2)

Plughoff, Carol

Pomeroy, Roberta

Quigg, Stephen

Ramirez, Dave and Kristi

Ramirez, Eduardo

Renteria, Jose

Rise, Al

Robbins, Ella

Routien, Nancy

Sand, Gretchen Anna

Schwilke, Roy

Scroggins, Annie

Sharbono, Amy

Sharp, Diana

Sheppard, Logan

Slusher, William (5)

Smith, Jan

Smith, Jeremy

Smith, Wendy

Spohn, Isabelle

St. Clair, Roger

Stanton, Patricia

Steiner, John

Stenshoel, Paul

Stephens, Ralph Sr.

Stevens, Tammy

Stone, Lou

Storey, Eldean (2)

Storm, Stacy

Stucker, Trinity

Swanson, Linda

Talbott, James (2)

Talbott, Moreh James

Teshera, Vic

Thompson, Brian

Thompson, Glen

Thompson, Jeanie

Thompson, Rob (3)

Tonasket, Roberta

Tryon, Don

Van Hees, Arnie

Wapato, Ruth M.

Wilson, Shawn K.

Witt, Larry

Wolosik, David

Yarbrough, Richard

Yusi, Tony


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