Retired Okanogan County K-9 dies

Retired K-9 deputy Fredy, a German shepherd that worked for the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office for almost seven years, died the day after Christmas.

Fredy, 12, started working for the Sheriff’s Office in 2005. His handler was Sgt. Gene Davis.

“K-9 Fredy worked for the Sheriff’s Office as a tracking (dog) for almost seven years. In 2011 he was retired after having a stroke,” Sheriff Frank Rogers said.

The dog later developed cancer and was euthanized after the disease spread to his lungs.

“He was a great dog and will be missed by all of us at the Sheriff’s Office,” Rogers said. “While I understand they are animals, for all of us that have pets, they do really become part of the family and he had worked with pretty much everyone in the agency over the years.”

The dog “was always a huge hit at the schools with the kids and at the fair each year. He was a great police dog.”

Rogers said 2013 was a rough year for the office’s K-9 corps. In November, K-9 Boss died after having surgery for a flipped stomach.

Deputy Shane Jones and Boss were just finishing additional training when the dog died.

Boss had worked for the Sheriff’s Office for about two years as a drug-sniffing dog. The additional training was for generalized patrol work.

Jones is scheduled for training at the end of January for another K-9. Donations from all over the county allowed the office to purchase another dog and its training.

“The support for us to obtain another K-9 was overwhelming and means so much to everyone at the Sheriff’s Office. I really can’t express how much it means to all of us,” Rogers said.


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