Jan. 5 - News of Record

From the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reports

Jan. 3

Disturbance at Edson Street and Second Street, Bridgeport Bar.

Burglary at 2400 Tacoma Ave., 37, Bridgeport.

Jan. 2

Vehicle prowl at 1438 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport.

Assist public at 39 W. Second Ave., Mansfield.

Jan. 1

Property complaint at 1435 Jefferson Ave., Bridgeport.

Dec. 31

Animal problem at 108 Arden Ave. Bridgeport Bar.

Dec. 30

Domestic disturbance at 3029 Kropp Road, Bridgeport.

Warrant at 1255 Fairview Ave. S., Bridgeport.

Welfare check at state Highway 17, Milepost 128, Bridgeport.

Assist public at 117 Edson St., Bridgeport Bar.

Dec. 29

Warrant at 1011 Foster Ave., Steakhouse, Bridgeport.

Agency assist at 119 Whitlam Ave., Bridgeport Bar.

Warrant at Fairview Ave., 1200 block, Bridgeport.

Dec. 28

Traffic offense at state Highway 173, Milepost 3, Bridgeport Bar.

Property at Bridgeport Hill Road, Milepost 5, Bridgeport.

Dec. 27

Assault at 29 Morrow St., Mansfield.

Vehicle prowl at 440 Justice St., Mansfield.

Burglary at 512 17th St., Bridgeport.

Warrant at 22nd Street and Foster Creek Avenue, Bridgeport.

Traffic offense at state Highway 173, Milepost 4, Bridgeport Bar.

Traffic offense at state Highway 17 and Bridgeport Hill Road, Bridgeport.

From Brewster Police Department reports

Jan. 1

Burglary alarm on West Main Avenue.

From Oroville Police Department reports

Jan. 2

Fire call on Jennings Loop Road.

Assault on Main Street.

Assault on Ironwood Street.

Jan. 1

Vehicle crash on Central Avenue.

Dec. 31

Vehicle crash on 23rd Avenue.

Dec. 30

Found property on Ninth Avenue.

From Tonasket Police Department reports

Jan. 1

Burglary on Southeast State Street.

From Twisp Police Department reports

Jan. 2

Found property on East Methow Valley Highway.

Fireworks complaint on Bigelow Street.

From Winthrop Marshal’s Office

Jan. 2

Malicious mischief on Castle Avenue.


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