Jan. 8, 2014- Speedy sports stories

Clough pulls in top gun performance

OMAK — Randy Clough proved to be the top gun during the first of eight weeks by the Omak Fish and Game Club in the Spokesman-Review regional trapshoot tournament.

Clough, Jim DeTro, Troy Fewkes and Dick LaMonte each scored 24s on a day with temperatures at 20 degrees, bright sunshine and a slight wind, club spokesman LaMonte said.

Clough tied with Clayton Hilton in handicap with 22.

Clough won outright the doubles with a 22.

Singles: 24, Clough, Jim DeTro, Troy Fewkes, Dick LaMonte.

Handicap: 22, Randy Clough, Clayton Hilton. 21, Don Calentine, Jeff Daigneau, Gary Watts.

Doubles: 22, Randy Clough. 20, Tom Strange, Bob Wareham.

Mount Baldy seeks financing to open

OLIVER, B.C. — Mount Baldy Ski Area owners hope to secure financing to open early this year.

“We have been working ceaselessly to overcome the challenges immediately before us in order to get open for the season,” ski area co-owner Brent Baker of Idaho said. “We continue to work on our financing and while we can’t guarantee it, we expect to be open in January and will operate, conditions permitting, into April.”

The ski area is not yet selling season passes.

The delays are due to the ski hill’s struggle in obtaining financing, Baker said. When financing is secured, rates will be set based on the opening date and how much of the mountain is open.

Nearby Sitzmark Ski Hill in Havillah, Wash., remains closed as well, due to a lack of snow.

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