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Expect change this fall

CTL shrinks; 2B league expands

Expect some juggling of leagues following the final listing of classifications at which schools will play next year.

The list was posted Wednesday by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.

Tonasket (221 students), Okanogan (209) and Brewster (188) will leave the Caribou Trail League for the 2B ranks and the North-Central Washington League.

Enrollments included counts last spring and this fall for those in grades nine to 11.

Still in the CTL are Cashmere (347), Cascade (332), Lake Chelan (307) and Omak (307).

Waterville (92), unless it appeals and wins, will be the smallest 2B school in the state and will join the North-Central Washington 2B League.

Warden (224) falls from 1A and will be the state’s largest 2B school

Other regional 2B schools include Bridgeport (166), Lake Roosevelt (159), Manson (141), Liberty Bell (132) and Oroville (127).

Entiat just missed moving to 2B, tying with an enrollment of 87 for the state’s largest 1B school with private schools Columbia Adventist Academy, Evergreen Lutheran and Rainier Christian.

Other regional 1B schools include Republic (82), Pateros (79), Almira/Coulee-Hartline (69), Curlew (64), Columbia-Hunters (48) and Inchelium (37)

The classes were shaken up a bit in mid-December when WIAA unexpectedly dropped 11 schools from the 1B ranks for lack of sports; they include Mansfield, Easton and Thorp. That essentially moved some teams from the bottom of classes to the top of smaller classes.

It also made Bickleton the state’s smallest 1B school with enrollment of 26, right behind Wilson Creek at 27.

There were several interesting developments in the rankings.

Deer Park (461.1) and Colville (449) drop from 2A to the Northeast 1A League. That should give the NEA more berths to state tournaments.

This change may have swayed some in Okanogan to go with the state’s recommendation for 2B and not petition WIAA to opt up to 1A. The CTL undoubtedly would see a reduction of berths to state tournaments.

Lower travel costs, playing against schools of similar size and keeping students and teachers in the classroom more were cited as reasons for Okanogan going in the 2B ranks and not opting up to 1A, at a special school board meeting last Monday.

Tuesday was the deadline for notifying WIAA of opting up.

A check indicates the Bulldogs have been in the CTL since its inception in 1957, when WIAA first split schools into classes.

Eatonville is the largest 1A school at 464, just ahead of Deer Park.

The enrollment range for each class for 2014-16: 4A, 1,252.4-plus (65 schools), 3A 990.9-1,252.3 (65), 2A 472-990.8 (64), 1A 225-471.9 (64), 2B 92-224.9 (59) and 1B 26-91.9 (63).

As a comparison, here is the range for the past two years (2012-14): 4A, 1,304-plus (67), 3A 1,086-1,303 (63), 2A 513-1,085 (64), 1A 208-512 (74); 2B 93-207 (48) and 1B 0-92 (73).

In 2B, the number of schools increased from 48 in the last count.

WIAA will finalize and approve the new classes, which will be used for the next four years, at a board meeting Jan. 27.

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