Tigers gobble up pie title

Warden can’t catch Tonasket

— Tonasket rode its depth and four title winners to the championship at the Tonasket Apple Pie Tournament on Saturday.

Collin Aitcheson (120 pounds), Dyllan Walton (126), Jorge Juarez (132) and John Rawley (195) each finished first and captured a coveted apple pie.

The Tigers held off Warden to take the trophy, its second straight, with 209 points to the Cougars with 196.5 points.

“It was the usual roller-coaster ride,” Tonasket coach Dave Mitchell said of the ride to the title.

Tonasket won two of three head-to-head finals with Warden, which helped preserve the Tigers’ lead into the final matches.

The pivotal match, Mitchell said, was Jorge Juarez picking up a pin at 132.

Tonasket competed against Warden last week and knew where it matched up with the Cougars, Mitchell said.

“Jorge winning was huge,” Mitchell said of the battle between state-experienced grapplers.

Next fall Tonasket, Okanogan, Brewster and Warden will be 2B schools.

“This tournament is a preview of what small schools will have to endure next season,” Oroville coach Chuck Ricevuto said.

The Hornets returned with champs Eddie Ocampo (160) and Taylor Robinson (182).

“We simply are not used to seeing this kind of competition and succumbed to the pressure,” Ricevuto said. “Building leads and getting pinned was a constant issue.

“We told our kids all week that there would be no easy bouts. They were not able to respond, but hopefully now know that we must take it to the next level of ‘non-stop attack mode’ style of wrestling to be able to compete against this type of competition.”

Tonasket assistant coach Trampas Stucker wheeled the big apple pie that goes to the team champion to the Tigers’ locker room.

Kristi Denison, wife of assistant coach Cole Denison, and sister-in-law Kelly Denison made the pies that went to the winning team and individuals.

Team scoring: 1, Tonasket 209. 2, Warden 196.5. 3, Chewelah 158. 4, Okanogan 112. 5, Liberty Bell 97. 6, Cascade 85. 7, Kettle Falls 66. 8, Brewster 49. 9, Oroville 28.

106: 1-2, Jesus Dominguez, Ward., d. Payton Anthony, Okan., 2-2 OT. 3-4, Vance Frazier, Ton., m.d. Justin Volking, K.F., 15-3.

113: 1-2, Mikey Canales, Ward., t.f. Johnny Martinez, Ward., 21-6. 3-4, Rade Pilkinton, Ton., inj. def. Devin Walton, Ton.

120: 1-2, Collin Aitcheson, Ton., d. Tyson Yamane, Ward., 4-1. 3-4, Josiah Guerra, Ward., d. Matthew Crise, Chew., 4-1.

126: 1-2, Dylan Walton, Ton., m.d. Danny Humiston, L.B., 12-1. 3-4, Trevor Peterson, Ton., d. Johnathan Crise, Chew., 9-7.

132: 1-2, Jorge Juarez, Ton., p. Ramses Rodelo, Ward., 1:46. 3-4, Jalen Moses, Okan., d. Kyle Connall, Chew., 17-16.

138: 1-2, Jacob McMillan, L.B., d. Raf Varelas, Brew., 9-8. 3-4, Saul Hinojosa, Ward., p. Randy Hamilton, Okan., 5:28.

145: 1-2, Emilio Pruneda, Ward., d. Meritt Fink, L.B., 6-4. 3-4, Taylor Flescher, K.F., p. Austin Eastridge, Okan., 2:11.

152: 1-2, Emmett Fink, L.B., d. Quenton Smith, Chew., 8-1. 3-4, Caleb Lofthus, Ton., d. Ernesto Mendez, Ward., 9-6.

160: 1-2, Corbin Ranck, Okan., d. Connor Fulbright, Chew., 6-4. 3-4, James Sandelin, Casc., p. Eddie Ocampo, Orov., 3:21.

170: 1-2, Austin Anderson, K.F., p. Austin Knowlton, Ton., 5:26. 3-4, Fernando Gonzales, Casc., d. Austin Warren, Okan., 7-4.

182: 1-2, Conner Krouse, Chew., d. Frank Holfeltz, Ton., 3-0. 3-4, Chris Varelas, Brew., p. Taylor Robinson, Orov., 1:56.

195: 1-2, John Rawley, Ton., t.f. Nathaniel Merry, Casc., 18-3. 3-4, Josh Hanley, Chew., p. Nick Guerra, Ward., 5:44.

220: 1-2, Jerry Reyes, Ward., p. Chad Edwards, Ton., 1:00. 3-4, Adrian Urias, Brew., p. Mikey Hernandez, Ward., 1:09.

285: 1-2, Dustin Olson, Chew., p. Michael Sorenson, Casc., 3:04. 3-4, Joseph Pruneda, Ward., p. Dreton Acord, Okan., 3:46.


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