Pateros lines energized

— PATEROS — Okanogan County Public Utility District No. 1 has restored power to the Pateros area around 7 p.m. tonight.

Earlier this week an estimates 7,000 homes and businesses were without power countywide.

While power has been restored in the city, it not be available in all locations, yet. If individual lines have damage, it may take additional time to have them repaired.

This morning electricity was restored in the Methow, Twisp and Carlton.

Early this week, officials announced as estimate on customer without electricty:

  • Brewster 2000 —191 customers south of Brewster along U.S. Highway 97 and in the Indian Dan Canyon area.
  • Loup Loup 1000 — 6 customers near Loup Loup Pass.
  • Malott 1000 — 168 customers in the Chiliwist and along Old Highway 97 and U.S. 97 south of Malott.
  • Ophir 1000 — 341 customers atop Ophir Grade in the Old Highway 97 area and near Monse.
  • Pateros 1000 — 656 customers in the city of Pateros, the Alta Lake community and north and south of Pateros along U.S. Highway 97.
  • Pateros 4000 — 594 customers in the Methow Valley along state Highway 153 from Pateros to Carlton, including Methow.
  • Twisp 2000 — 648 customers in Twisp.
  • Twisp 3000 — 686 customers along state Highway 153 south of Twisp.
  • Twisp 4000 — 312 customers in the downtown area of Twisp.


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